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The Amphipod Hydraform Handheld 20 oz features an ergonomic bottle with a low-profile, adjustable hand strap for bounce-free performance.

*Try with add-on Jett Cap for high-flow rate that's always open.


  • Black 


  • 20 oz low-profile Hydroform bottle with wide mouth opening
  • Ergonomic configuration allows hand to relax to a natural position and eliminates hand cramping and tension
  • Ultra-comfortable minimalist strap design won't trap sweat
  • Strap features breathable AirFlow mesh outer and wicking soft inner
  • durable and stretch-free bottle harness
  • adjustable custom fit with no-slip quick hand release
  • Bottle Content: polyethylene, recycling symbol #4 (BPA-Free)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Loved the bottle at first. After a year, the button started to leak. Will have to buy another one soon. But the strap is very comfortable and can be adjusted very tight, so no effort is required from the hand to hold it. Stays in place when put in the back of the shorts as well. Overall great bottle. The strap tends to stretch when wet but not the the point that you'll be holding it with your fingers.
From: Anonymous. July 25th 2015

Comments: The minimalist design of the strap and bottle do exactly what they are supposed to. I love the traditional top with push-pull valve. Yes, the newer versions (with softer material in the spot) are harder to close and sometimes leak a bit, but I find it way preferable to the designs of other manufacturers bottles.
From: Weldon, San Diego, California, USA

Comments: A GREAT water bottle that you forget that you're even carrying!  It fits nicely into your hand and the strap on the back holds it in place nicely.  Love that the strap has a pouch too - handy for a car key or Gu!
From: Lisa, Chicago, IL, USA