Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech 10.5 oz Module 2-Pack

Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech 10.5 oz Module 2-Pack

Price: $19.95
Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech Module 2-Pack Clear
In Stock: 6+
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: One Size
Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech Module 2-Pack Green
In Stock: 3
  • Color: Green
  • Size: One Size


Model Number: 888X

Amphipod Xtech SnapFlask 10.5 oz Modules are 20% lighter than original Amphipod bottle modules and remain the perfect way to add quick-access hydration anywhere on your Amphipod belt. Slide them anywhere on your belt and position bottles vertical or horizontal to meet your needs; sold 2 per pack for a total liquid capacity of 21 oz.

*Try with add-on Jett Caps for high-flow rate that's always open.


  • Clear (888X-C1)
  • Green (888X-A1)


  • 2 included 10.5 oz Xtech SnapFlask bottles
  • 2 included Xtech docking bases with AirFlow mesh back
  • Xtech SnapFlask™ bottle modules allow easy, one-handed bottle removal and replacement
  • 20% lighter than original Amphipod bottle modules
  • Bottles may be positioned vertically or horizontally anywhere on belt
  • Modules can be added or subtracted from belt based on your daily needs
  • Attaches to any 1.5"-2" belt
  • Works on all Amphipod RunLite, Full-Tilt, or Profile-Lite belts
  • Bottle Content: polyethylene, recycling symbol #4 (BPA-Free)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I really like Amphipod's products. I have the Runlite belt with 10.5 oz bottles. I decided to add 2 more bottles to my belt because of humidity in Houston. I like the new design. The previous clips were easy to use and held the bottles securely. Although these clips are different, the clips are still good. The new design might make it easier removing from and replacing the bottles into the clips. One note: These new design for the bottles and clips are not compatible with the previous version. The new bottles have a nob for you to grip while taking the bottle out of the clip. If you buy a new set of bottles, make sure the clips you have will work. Otherwise, buy the bottles with the clips included.
From: Vence, Houston, TX, USA. November 5th 2014