BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short Cobalt Apple Saffron

BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short Cobalt Apple Saffron

Price: $24.50 MSRP: $29.00
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short SM Cobalt
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Size: SM
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short SM Apple
In Stock: 2
  • Color: Apple
  • Size: SM
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short SM Saffron
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Saffron
  • Size: SM
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short MD Cobalt
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Size: MD
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short MD Saffron
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Saffron
  • Size: MD
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short LG Cobalt
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Size: LG
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short LG Apple
In Stock: 2
  • Color: Apple
  • Size: LG
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short LG Saffron
In Stock: 3
  • Color: Saffron
  • Size: LG
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short XL Cobalt
In Stock: 2
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Size: XL
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short XL Apple
In Stock: 4
  • Color: Apple
  • Size: XL
BOA Men's 1inch Elite Split Short XL Saffron
In Stock: 4+
  • Color: Saffron
  • Size: XL


Model Number: 1000B

Find your stride in the BOA 1" Elite Split Leg Short.  A high split will allow your legs to move as they're meant to: free and fast.

Made in USA

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  • 1" inseam, 9 1/2" outseam (size medium)
  • 3/4 leg split for mobilitly
  • Reflective front logo
  • Elastic waist with drawcord
  • Breathable, quick-drying internal liner


  • Body (100% Polyester), a quick-dry, lightweight fabric

Apparel Performance Characteristics

Apparel Fit: What's this?

  • Fitted
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Relaxed

Temperature Range °F: What's this?

  • Cold
    • Below 30
  • Moderate
    • 30-45
    • 40-55
    • 50-65
  • Hot
    • above 65

Fabric Thickness: What's this?

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love these shorts! I run high school Track and XC competitively and we are getting as many as 50-55 miles a week in at a fast pace. With so much intensity, I chafe a lot in the worst areas. However, I have yet to feel any discomfort while wearing these bad boys! Even better than my Nike tempo 2" inseams! I'm 5'6" 150 lbs and the small fits like a glove and gives me just enough support on my junk. Best pair of shorts I own!
From: Ryan, Naperville. July 17th 2015

Comments: Great pair of shorts if you want to show off some leg. Feels like you are running naked.
From: Anonymous. July 10th 2015

Comments:I haven't even gotten these shorts yet, and I can already say without a doubt that this is the best purchase anyone could ever make. #blessed
From: Nate, Seattle, WA, USA. July 8th 2015

Comments: Best fitting shorts that I've had up to this point. Very comfortable, and air moves through very well keeping you cool.
From: Anonymous. April 30th 2015

Comments: I started running in the 1950s so I have a few miles in and have worn endless brands and types of running shorts. These are my favorite ever! The fit is perfect when you pay attention to the sizing chart and running in them feels like you are running with no shorts. I remember as a 40 year old runner, I was running down the street with no shirt when suddenly a young gal in a convertible stopped, pointed at me and said, "I want your body." I told her that she had just made the day of a 40 year old man! Today, running in these, I had a similar experience. Running down the street, no shirt and girl and a young girl in a convertible! Now that really made the day of this 75 year old!! Bonus: These beauties are made in America!!
From: Sandy, Seminole, FL, USA. March 6th 2015

Comments: All of the boa 1" shorts are extremely great. I run high school cross country and track along with my brother and so we wear these shorts all the time, which is essentially everyday except Sunday. We do from around 25-40 miles a week, depending on that specific week. Throughout the whole time I have loved these shorts. They rarely ever give me problems. These shorts are very durable; they haven't missed a beat when running and are very comfortable. I have several different colors and patterns along with my brother. We love the variety of designs, colors, and patterns we can get. We have mellow colors like yellow and red, patriotic colors like the American flags and liberty, and then to cap things off we have our incredibly flamboyant and fun neon green shorts, which our whole team owns and races in. One final point I need make... these shorts are not for the faint of heart. They definitely qualify as being short. But hey! We love them and will continue using them.
From: Anonymous. January 8th 2015

Comments: Awesome pair of shorts for a runner! But if you run for a Cross Country or Track team that does a lot of stretching at practice, you might want to rethink wearing these bad boys. Highly recommended for runs on the off days alone or not, but be careful where you point these hotties. The linear does keep you comfortable, but the clear-colored linear and the outmoving split shorts shorts are vulnerable to some surprises during circle stretches and flexibility work outs. Don't get me wrong, the linear keeps your junk in place and comfortable! Just in few positions when you have sight of the linear, you get a perfect picture of what's down stairs. The only point of this review is to constantly nail down the fact that you are going to want to avoid flexibility stretches and work outs in the sight of your fellow running patrons. But these shorts attract a lot attention in public, bringing back the memories from the 80s. Awesome shorts and love running long distances in them!
From: Anonymous, Atlanta, GA, USA. July 29th 2014

Comments: Recently received a pair of BOA 1" shorts. I have been running for 33 years, and these are the best pair of shorts I've ever run in. I am a 30 waist and usually buy small. Per the size chart I ordered a medium, and they fit perfectly. I will definitely buy another pair. Happy running!
From: Charles, Camillus, NY

Comments: These, along with the 3 other Boas I got from Running Warehouse are the best running shorts I've ever used, bar none. They are light, comfortable, and easy to run in. Will buy more when you guys have more cool designs in stock.
From: Collin, Salt Lake City UT

Comments: I have run in these shorts ever since BOA went into business. Quality has remained 5-Star thoughout time. Great product! 
From: Ralph, Grover Beach, CA, USA

Comments: Pretty nice apparel. They look good and feel better. But that split runs pretty high. Definitely not for the shy. Love these things. Will get more.
From: Anonymous

Comments: Great shorts! Arrived on time and look amazing! I love racing in these. 'MURICA
From: Will, Missouri

Comments: Awesome pair of shorts and so comfortable. I ran my marathon in these and it was amazing, but be advised that these are very short; Size is pretty much true fit.
From: Luke, Manhattan, KS, USA

Comments: I am a Clydesdale runner with an athletic build (6‚0, 200 lbs) and wear size large. I decided on these for the short inseam and stylish look. They are short and expose plenty of thigh but I have shorts which are shorter. These are short, loose, and comfortable, allowing a large range of motion without any chaffing caused from material, which I experienced with other brands and styles. The hygiene panel is more generous than other running shorts I own, which can wedge. The panel, in addition to the looseness does not create an embarrassing bulge up front like I have experienced with other brands. The material wicks moisture away very well, but they can become soaked during extended runs on the treadmill, as do the other brands I wear. I run about 25 miles per week and also wear them during cross training on the elliptical or stepper. The longest distance I've run in them thus far is 10 miles. They are a perfect balance between showing leg while retaining some modesty (no bulges up front and not cheeky). I have them in the Hard Rock and Vulcan Pimento and they look really good. 
From: Brian, Ohio, US

Comments: I was hoping these were going to be short enough & they are! They are also lighter than my Uzzi pair. I average 27 miles a week gym in the winter & can't wait for spring to get outside! Great fit I just wish they would put in an iPod pocket.
From: Adam, Kokomo, IN, USA

Comments: These shorts are the best I ever had, I just got them a week ago and have worn them twice. I use them for running and at the gym on the treadmill & abdominal crunches. They are short, light weight, comfortable. next to wearing nothing. going to be buying several more pair immediately. They do fit snug in the waist but for me they are perfect just the way they but if you want loose you need to go up one size. I can not say enough about them they are great shorts!
From: Kevin, USA

Comments: When I first got these, just from the appearance, I was worried that I had gotten the wrong size. Luckily they fit me. However, they are very short, so be-warned. But short was what I was looking for. These are very comfortable. I need to be cautious when wearing these on windy days :) .
From: anonymous

Comments: These probably are the best pair of running shorts that I have bought and I would have to agree with the other comments on these. They are a "true" running short for the "true" runner, they do run on the small side and are very short and do attract attention but extremely, extremely comfortable and I also would recommend to wear these without underwear the liner is very supportive and yet feels like you are wearing nothing at all. I'm on the skinny side at 155 lbs and 5-7" and a small fits me perfect. I run 20 to 25 miles a week and also use these for bike riding.    
From: Chris, Miami, FL, USA

Comments: I am a medium in all other brands of running shorts but these run small and I would suggest to size up to a large which fit me perfect. These shorts feel like you are wearing nothing and are made from lightweight fabric and flow with your running movement. Great shorts for the price. Even with a full split they are not to revealing. More companies should make shorts like these. I run races 10K - marathon, weekly mileage 40-50 miles. 
From: Mike, Ashland, OR, USA

Comments: Great pair of shorts, and very good service. It arrived quickly, with an enclosed return sticker (which I did not need). I'm planning to buy another one. I like to use these shorts on my home elliptical as well as for seasonal running. When I do go out running, I get a few comments from smart-aleck teens. That's okay by me, but just be forewarned that these things are sheer and will occasionally draw unwanted attention! Then again, runners are crazy anyway and we can take it!
From: Terry, Glendale, AZ, USA

Comments: I run 50-60 miles a week, do 10K's & Halfs every weekend. 5'7", 167pds. Died in the wool Asics shoe lover. I have this short and the matching singlet--EXTREMELY comfortable!  About as close as you can come to running in the buff.  Never know its there!
From: Jeff, Atlanta, GA, USA

Comments: Runs a bit small, ordered a small for myself and came in a little on the tighter and "revealing" side. Other than that a GREAT pair of shorties and light weight for sure.
From: Stefan, Parker City, IN, USA

Comments: Great, lightweight pair of running shorts. They are comfortable and have a minimal aesthetic. My pair felt a little bit smaller in the waist and crotch than my Nike 2" split shorts in the same size. Because of this, I would recommend wearing these without underwear. The only thing I would possible change about these shorts would be to add reflective elements.
From: Daniel, AZ/MI, USA

Comments: I run about 20-40 miles a week and sometimes in temps up to 115 degrees. A lot of up and down hills and some are steep so the full side splits have the free movement. Nice to know that there is a company that makes running shorts for practical reasons and not a fashion statement, with all those of the long shorts out there.
From: Captdr, Henderson, NV, USA