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Don't let friction and blisters slow you down. Simply swipe mess-free BodyGlide to chafe-prone areas and get going. The Pocket Size 3-Pack let's you take your Bodyglide in your shorts pocket or hydration pack while running, or keep them in your car, gym bag and drawers as emergency back-up's when you forget your full-size Bodyglide stick.


  • Pocket Size good to take on-the-run or while traveling
  • .07 oz per pack
  • Enough for 1-2 applications
  • Protects against blisters, chafing, rash, and rubbing
  • All-natural non-petroleum base is safe for technical fabrics and wetsuits
  • Glides on with no mess

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Customer Reviews

Comments: What A Joke! I was extremely disappointed in the packaging of this product, the container could hold 10 times the amount of the product. This is a total waste of packaging, and a waste of time and effort. FYI the amount of body glide in this container is as thick as a finger nail.
From: Anonymous. February 22nd 2016

Comments: I was pretty excited about the smaller version of this product until I attempted to use it for the first time. Each container is small enough to fit between two fingers, and you have to push the glide through the container with another finger, like a piece of chap stick. There was barely enough glide to use once. I would recommend getting the full-sized version instead.
From: Bryan, Port Lavaca, TX, USA. October 12th 2014

Comments: Good product but the packaging is not. Pretty much useless in application as the small amount of product tends to fall out of the much larger than needed applicator. Buy the larger unit but if you need to carry something try a cheap chapstick. 
From: Ken, Kansas City, MO