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The Brooks Racer ST 5 is a performance uptempo running shoe and racing flat designed for a mild overpronated foot motion.


Important Shipping Note: U.S. sales only.


The Brooks Racer ST 5 is a racer's delight that delivers great versatility. There is enough cushioning for the swift to use it for daily training, yet the light-on-foot feel and propulsive nature of the forefoot are likely to have you using this as your main racer as well. So if you need support for over-pronation and want one shoe for tempo days, intervals and any road race distance, the Racer ST 5 fits the bill.

Sizing Note: Men's sizes only. Women should subtract 1.5 sizes from their women's shoe size. Example: Women's 8 equals size 6.5 for this shoe.

Model Number:

Weight: 8.6 oz (size 9)

Stack Height: Heel (28mm), Forefoot (16mm)

Available Widths: D=Medium

How It Fits (based on width D)

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium
  • Midfoot: Medium volume
  • Forefoot: Medium
  • Toe-Box Height: Low
  • Arch Structure: Low
  • Shoe Shape: Semi-Curved


  • Hydroflow ST cushioning in the heel uses a chamber filled with viscous fluid to attenuate shock, dampen impact forces, and add heel stability.
  • BioMoGo full-length midsole offers resilient cushioning and is made of environment-friendly, biodegradable materials.
  • Diagonal Rollbar (DRB) in the midfoot is made of dual density BioMoGo foam to reduce excess pronation.
  • DRB Accel is a thermoplastic polyurethane unit located in the midfoot for balanced support and torsional rigidity.
  • Stable Pod Configuration is a stable midsole/outsole design that sets the foot up for an efficient, balanced heel-to-toe transition.


  • Stable Pod Configuration is a stable midsole/outsole design that sets the foot up for an efficient, balanced heel-to-toe transition.
  • HPR Green in the forefoot is made with environmentally-friendly materials and offers durable, skid-resistant traction in dry and wet conditions.


  • Microfiber and Synthetic Overlays are strategically located to provide a secure fit.
  • Element Mesh is a moisture-managing, breathable mesh upper.
  • Ortholite Sockliner is an anti-microbial, moisture-wicking insole that promotes a healthy foot environment.
  • Strobel Last with the upper stitched to full length fabric for a comfortable underfoot feel.

Footwear Performance Characteristics

Pronation Control: What's This?

  • Neutral
    • Min
    • Mod
  • Support
    • Min
    • Mod
    • Max
  • Motion Control
    • Mod
    • Max

Heel-Toe Offset (mm): What's This?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11+

Stack Height:

  • Barefoot
  • Minimal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Maximal


  • Road
  • Road-Trail
  • Hard Trail
  • Varied Trail
  • Soft Trail

Shoe Type:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Racing

Customer Reviews

Comments: The Brooks Racer ST is a nice shoe for a race or tempo run of any length due to the mild support it provides. I typically take this shoe out for short tempo workouts, and run races with it. Light, airy upper with a touch of support and the tread has held up over the year thus far, enough for me to stick with it a little while longer. The support does come at a price though with it being a bit on the heavier side for a "racing flat" : a size 10.5 weighs in at 9.5oz.
From: Anonymous, NJ, USA. November 19th 2014

Comments: Like the others have said this is a nice shoe. I wear it for every race I run (5K-HM) and it provides a great lightweight, foot-to-road type of feel with moderate support. I pronate slightly and run in the Ravenna 4 for training, but also wear this shoe for tempo work or days due to the very responsive fit & feel. For reference, I wear a size 10.5M and the weight on my shoe is 9.5oz.
From: Anonymous. August 18th 2014

Comments: Great Shoe! I had the ST 4's but I think the ST 5's are better due to the increased traction, the better colorway, and they're 0.2 ounces lighter than the ST 4's! Great for training! Perfect for anyone who is a mild over-pronator looking for a lightweight training shoe with a touch of support...
From: Isaac, Spokane, Washington, United States

Comments: I bought the ST‚s with the intent of a lightweight racer with some support, specifically for half/full marathons.  For that, they fit the bill.  The upper is light weight and more meshy than most trainers.  It also snugs the whole foot more, which I prefer for a racer.  RW lists these as support-min, I think they could put that up to mid, there‚s plenty of support in these.  The sole is firm and therefore very responsive, you can still feel the road.  These characteristics, along with the weight, makes these feel very fast, especially after running in normal trainers.  So if you are looking for a lightweight racer/speed work shoe with support, I would recommend these. I would not recommend these as a daily trainer though.  For one, there is not enough traction to put a bunch of miles on these.  Two, I didn‚t think these had enough cushioning for long runs.  The firm and responsive sole works well for racing, but found my feet hurting when I wore these for long runs.  Just one persons opinion though. No tricks here, these are what they say they are. 
From: Derek, STL, MO, USA

Comments: This is now my favorite shoe. Perfect touch of support, great cushioning without deadening the feel of the road, and I love the way they look. I love the Green Silence as well, and plan to alternate. This shoe, though still technically a racer, provides more cushioning and support than the Greenies and is the perfect balance between something minimal (or close to minimal for those who feel that "minimal" means Five Fingers or huaraches) and something that's too padded and restricting. I have a feeling my Ronin 3s are going to be consigned to the closet.
From: Lou, New York, NY, US

Comments:  Think this shoe is pretty good. I run in high school and do my speedwork and road races in them. For some reason my shins hurt when i race in them from time to time especially in the 10k. THis is probably due to the fact that it falls under the minmalist category. But it is still a great shoe and would recommend it to a friend. Tip: i got rid of the laces becuase they are extremly light and flimsy and hard to tie. i reccomend getting no tie laces for them becuase they work like a charm!
From: Jordan, Aiken, SC, USA

Comments: Had been running in the Brooks Adrenaline 10 shoes and loving them, for a year (went through three pairs), 30+ miles a week (9-13 mile runs at a time). Wanted a lighter shoe that still had some pronation control and so I asked a lot of questions about the other shoes that Brooks offers. The colors of the "ST 5" scared me off a few times, but after reading up about them and asking around, I decided to give 'em a try. STOKED! These are great shoes to wear, as hard as they may be to look at. I am a mostly forefoot runner, so I wasn't seeking a ton of heal protection, but found just the right amount in these shoes... especially since I had been used to the Adrenaline model, which has lots. These shoes were great on their first voyage: a 9.5 mile run up a mountain (elevation 1619 feet) and back down to the Hollywood, CA area. They ruled and felt great and light the whole way! Though, I was on a mostly packed dirt and some gravel trail + road, so I can't say that these would operate as well on sharp rocks or lots of exposed roots. These shoes seem very true to size, for me at least. A note: size up a half size if you end up running down hill a lot, as there is a seem inside the shoe that might bother your big toes. Also, I found these just roomy enough in the toe box, very nice, but if you blister easy, keep this in mind as your toes will move a bit. I use Injinji toe socks, that separate my toes, and have found them a thin and VERY effective product in the battle against blisters. Blah, blah right? Okay, Brooks: get some other color ways in these shoes... you have my hooked already, but keep me hooked better with something less bright! How about black or other darker color with silver reflective striping? I only hesitate from giving these 5 stars in my review because of the color choice.
From: Aaron, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Comments: The Racer ST 4 shoes were excellent but I had a couple issues with them and the ST 5 addresses those making them, for me, pretty darn near perfect. (1) The laces on the 4 were terrible - I had to replace them because they constantly untied (I don't like double knotting).  With the 5, the laces are ribbon-like and hold the knot really well. Not sure if they'll be durable, but they hold a knot nicely. (2) The tongue on the 4 allowed the laces to bite through and irritated the top of my foot if tied just a little too tightly - I had to leave them slightly looser than i like.  Not sure what they did differently here, but the 5 doesn't give me this problem - could just be the thinner laces, but I doubt it as I tie them just as tightly as before. Overall, a great racer for someone needing just a little support to avoid injuries.
From: David, Montville, NJ, USA

Comments: After putting in a few good runs w/ my Brooks Green Silence, I decided I needed more of a stability/trainer that I could pound on if I needed. Making the switch to a more minimal shoe takes a lot more of a toll on your body than I realized. So these shoes seemed to bridge the gap based on all the reviews and descriptions I could find out there. And who can argue w/ the colors. I'll tell you the shoes are much brighter in person however. They've got a lower heel than stability shoes and seem to be based more around a flat, hence the Racer in the name, but still run like a good light stability shoe. There's good amount of room in the toebox, but not too much where your feet are sliding around. I'd like to think I have average to maybe just a LITTLE bit wider than average feet. Having run in my Green Silence for a while, it was a nice change to feel my foot landing flat rather than teaching my feet how to land. I would give these shoes a 9 out of 10 if I could rate them. The downfalls are the laces are pretty narrow and weird to tie (Especially since I'm a Triathlete, I may switch them out for races). And maybe a little less room around your toes, but there's not too much that it really bothers me at all.
From: Dave, Johnsburg, IL, USA

Comments: I absolutely love this shoe. I've unfortunately, been stuck in a support shoe, which limits what I can run in from a racing shoe standpoint. I've been working on various improvements to my running form and gait, as well as biomechanical fixes, but still feel most "comfortable" in a support shoe. (Normal shoe - Adrenaline 10, use Launch for track work) Finally got around to purchasing a pair of the Racer ST5's - this shoe fits like a glove and is quite honestly, the best feeling running shoe I've worn. (Have worn the Adrenalines since version 6, have run in Glycerines and the previously mentioned Launch) Weighs in at around 8.6oz, which is light for a support shoe. It provides ample medial support to negate some of the inward roll. I'm slowly transitioning to using this as my everyday trainer (have not taken it on long runs yet, but all my weekday runs are now in this shoe). Just a great overall shoe!
From: Melvin, Plano, TX, USA