Foot Kinetics RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream 5.5 oz

Foot Kinetics RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream 5.5 oz

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Foot Kinetics RunGoo 5.5 oz Purple
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Model Number: 12010300

Do you have a problem with recurring blisters? Give RunGoo a try. RunGoo is a foot care cream, which creates a barrier to friction between your feet and your sock or shoes. Apply before your run to greatly reduce your chance of getting blisters.


  • 5.5oz tube
  • Protects against skin damage and helps to prevent blisters and calluses
  • Applicator top doubles as a foot massager
  • Combination of hard wax, lanolin, and natural vegetable wax

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm an old ultra power walker who stumbled onto RunGoo in an extreme hiking blog. I've used it now for 2 + years with north of 7,000 miles walked everywhere from Mt Whitney 2014, 2015, to Six Days in the Dome in Alaska 2014, Across the Years Six Day Glendale AZ 2015/2016. It's been a great blister free experience. Cheers, Burrito Bob
From: Burrito Bob, Riverside, CA, USA. January 15th 2016

Comments: I've tried it all to prevent blisters between my toes during long runs and Run Goo is the only stuff I've found that really lasts through my 20 mi+ runs.
From: Anonymous, CO, USA. October 23rd 2014