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A special mix at a special price, pick-up the limited release GU Roctane & Original Energy Gel Super Value 18-Pack and test drive an assortment of GU's most popular Original and Roctane energy gel flavors. *(Actual flavor assortment may vary from those pictured).

Value Pack Contents: *Random flavor assortment

Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this pack as this is a really good value for the price especially with the roctane gels. Everything taste and works, specifically the roctane gel on race days, but as one of the other reviewers mentioned, this pack only comes with 6 roctane gels. I thought maybe he was unlucky with his order, but mine also was short 2. I understand it's not RW fault for the packaging but more so GU, however it is advertised as 8 roctane gels. BUYER BEWARE.
From: Derek, TX, USA. April 9th 2015

Comments: Ordered 3 Super Value Pack boxes on 1/18/15. Arrived 1/20/15 super fast shipping, only problem, ALL THREE boxes had only 16 gels. ALL THREE boxes had 10 regular but only 6 instead of the advertised 8 Roctane gels. Not sure who packs these variety packs, GU or Runningwarehouse, but to have all three exactly 2 Roctanes short seems a bit fishy. With the 10% off coupon I don't feel as cheated, but the Roctanes are what make this box a value. A reviewer on Amazon complained of a missing gel in the same style pack, so perhaps GU's warehouse staff is just sloppy. However I bought 2 packs from a local sporting goods store and they both had all 18. You should count how many you receive if you decide to buy.
From: Scott, Los Angeles, USA. January 20th 2015

*RW Note: This issue has been addressed with the manufacturer and current inventory reflects advertised content.