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A special mix at a special price, pick-up the limited release GU Roctane & Original Energy Gel Super Value 16-Pack and test drive an assortment of GU's most popular Original and Roctane energy gel flavors. *(Actual flavor assortment may vary from those pictured).

**Super Value Pack labeled 18-Pack; box only contains 16 individual gel packets.

Special Offer: Free 8-Pack GU Roctane Gel Blueberry Pomegranate automatically added to shopping cart with every Super Value Pack purchase!

Value Pack Contents: *Random flavor assortment

Customer Reviews

Comments: Ordered 3 Super Value Pack boxes on 1/18/15. Arrived 1/20/15 super fast shipping, only problem, ALL THREE boxes had only 16 gels. ALL THREE boxes had 10 regular but only 6 instead of the advertised 8 Roctane gels. Not sure who packs these variety packs, GU or Runningwarehouse, but to have all three exactly 2 Roctanes short seems a bit fishy. With the 10% off coupon I don't feel as cheated, but the Roctanes are what make this box a value. A reviewer on Amazon complained of a missing gel in the same style pack, so perhaps GU's warehouse staff is just sloppy. However I bought 2 packs from a local sporting goods store and they both had all 18. You should count how many you receive if you decide to buy.
From: Scott, Los Angeles, USA. January 20th 2015

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