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Garmin Forerunner 15 w/HRM is a simple-to-use GPS run watch that tracks and records pace/distance, heart rate data, tracks daily steps and calories, offers 8-hour battery life and the ability to upload your data and routes to Garmin Connect™ online. Virtual Pacer™ lets you know when you're ahead or behind your pre-set goal pace, or use Walk/Run alerts to help pace yourself through a long run. Auto Pause and Lap features accurately time your run without having to push a button; Activity Tracker "Move!" alerts remind you to be active.


  • Forerunner 15 GPS sport watch
  • Heart Rate Monitor Transmitter
  • USB charging/data clip cord
  • Owner's manual


  • Black/Blue (010-01241-40)
  • Red/Black (010-01241-41)


  • Easy-to-use, push button GPS-enabled sport watch tracks and records run workouts
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver & HotFix™ technology: helps keep GPS signal even in dense forest areas
  • Tracks and records heart rate BPM, average BPM and heart rate zones with ANT+ heart rate chest strap (included)
  • Heart rate based calorie computation while wearing heart rate chest strap
  • Activity tracking counts steps and calories throughout the day; "Move!" alerts remind you to be active
  • Upload and share run workout data, view your routes, and keep tabs on your training progress with Garmin Connect™ online
  • 7 workout and 2 PR history; upload to Garmin Connect after 7 runs to keep complete records of your training
  • Customizable display, shows 2 data fields per screen
  • Pace Option: Lap Pace or Average Pace
  • Speed Option: Lap Speed or Average Speed
  • Virtual Pacer™ alerts when you are 'ahead', 'behind' or 'on target' of your pre-set goal pace
  • Fastest Mile, Longest Run, Fastest 5k, Fastest 10k PR's alert on screen and record in watch history
  • Run/Walk alerts sets unlimited number of intervals for alternating between running and walking
  • Auto Lap® option records splits at pre-set distances without pushing a button
  • Auto Pause® option automatically pauses timer when you stop mid-run; useful for routes with stop-lights
  • 'Indoor' mode utilizes timer functions without GPS
  • Time of day (12/24h) sets automatically with GPS connection
  • Set 1 daily alarm
  • Set distance to either miles or km
  • Switch 'pace' to 'speed' for biking
  • Backlight for viewing at night or dark conditions
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours in training mode with GPS on; 5 weeks in power save mode
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Distance accuracy: 99% with clear view of sky
  • Water-resistant to 50m (164 ft.): swim-friendly
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Size: 4.6 x 5.7 x 1.6 cm
  • Display: Black and White, 55 x 31 pixels
  • Weight: 1.5oz (43g)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is my first GPS running watch. I previously only wore Ironman Timex watches. I like the simplicity of the watch. The screens are easy to scroll through while running. I usually leave it on the distance one. I can read it easily. I also use the HRM and like it. It picks up well and quickly. The GPS seems to be a little slow at times. I have had it work quickly - like within 10-15 seconds - but there are other times it takes 3-4 minutes and I'm down the street running. This has happened on normal clear sky days with no trees around. I think that the strap is a bit small also. I am 6'5" and 195# with not really large wrists and it is near the last 2-3 holes. For a first GPS watch with HRM this is fine. I just wish the GPS is less finicky. If it remains a problem, I'll be off to another watch.
From: JJ, OH, USA. February 12th 2015

Comments: Got this for Xmas from my darling daughter and used it the next day. Wearing it now as the battery life is quite good and it displays remaining power. GPS is accurate and at least where I am (OHIO) it picks up a signal very very fast -- usually in the time it takes me to walk down the driveway. The 4 buttons and options are pretty simple to figure out, unlike some of the other watches out there. The watch face is nothing special and I suppose could be prettier, but you can SEE the information while running as the size is good. I need glasses to read but don't wear them running, so this is a big plus. Only gripe is that I wish the band was a little longer and it's not like I have thick wrists. Note that the women's model has even shorter bands, so make sure you know which you're getting. Keep in mind that all of these different brands will offer different features and ways of doing things. The guy who slammed Garmin while pushing other brands obviously has a different set of requirements than I do. I just wanted reliable and quick GPS signals, easy to read while on the run, comfortable, a decent set of features (the auto-pause for when you have to stop at a light is cool) and some very basic fitness tracking for informational value. This has all that and is quite easy to use. 4 buttons do it all. Wish it had Bluetooth to connect to my phone, but not even sure I'd use it that much. I don't require tons of information about my workouts and I'm not anal enough to require spreadsheets showing calorie burn, hours of sleep, etc and etc. This is what a good runners GPS watch is supposed to be. Time, distance, speed and easy to use.
From: Mark. December 31st 2014

Comments: I do not recommend this watch and recommend tomtom runner watch for the same watch. First of all, both watches do what it's supposed to do which is accurately track distance. However, there are several things I didn't like about garmin. First, I don't like that it only shows two displays at a time and I like to have three with time, distance, and pace. Second, the screen on this watch looks like it's from the 90s game boy. Third, not having Bluetooth connectivity is annoying as if you're a iphone user, it's so much better to have your data transferred wirelessly.
From: Anonymous. July 26th 2014

Comments: Today I received this watch (my first GPS watch) and used it for the first time. It was super simple to set up, and I knew right away I'd love it. My boyfriend and I went on a run so I could use it, but he used his own GPS watch (an older Garmin model) as well. Our distances varied by .02 miles so the margin of error is super low. I really liked how this watch beeps and changes the screen to tell you when you've hit a mile. The only thing I'm not super clear about with this watch is how the pedometer function works. I noticed that my step count went up while I was sitting at my desk doing my hair. Does anyone know anything about how this function works? I'm excited to get to know this watch more as the days go on! Thanks Garmin :)
From: Katie, Holland, MI, USA. June 4th 2014