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Always at the forefront of innovation, Garmin tosses out the idea of a traditional push-button sport watch with the sleek Forerunner® 610 GPS. A unique touchscreen interface allows you to scroll through menus and select up to 4 data fields with a single finger, while still functioning in the rain or when wearing gloves. GPS technology keeps track of speed, distance and routes so you can analyze your workout data multiple ways.

*Check out the Garmin Video Vault to see the 610 in action!


  • Forerunner 610 GPS sport watch
  • Soft strap, Premium Heart Rate Monitor Transmitter
  • ANT+ USB Stick
  • AC adapter
  • Charging clip
  • Owner's manual on disk and quick start guide


  • GPS-enabled sport watch with unique touch screen and vibration alerts
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix™ technology: helps keep GPS signal even in dense forest areas
  • Virtual Racer™ feature allows you to compete against previous PR's on a course, or anyone's PR loaded onto Garmin Connect
  • Training Effect feature indicates intensity level while you workout, helps you measure fitness and improvement over time
  • Run/Walk alerts sets unlimited number of intervals for alternating between running and walking
  • Firstbeat™ heart rate-based calorie computation (with use of add-on heart rate monitor)
  • Power Down feature conserves battery life
  • Heart rate monitor automatic syncs with watch
  • ANT+ wireless technology downloads data from watch to computer via USB ANT+ stick
  • Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community)
  • Garmin Training Center® software compatible
  • Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person)
  • Auto Pause and Auto Lap
  • Advanced and simple workouts
  • Pace alert
  • Time/distance alert
  • Interval training
  • Time of day (12/24h)
  • Dual time zone
  • Day/Date
  • Daily alarm
  • Second fabric wristband option suitable for smaller wrists
  • Distance accuracy: 99% with clear view of sky
  • Water Resistant to IPX7 (not for use while swimming)
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Battery life: 8 hours in training mode and 4 weeks in power save mode
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Size: 4.57cm x 6.35cm x 1.42cm
  • Display: round black and white TFT, 128 x 128 pixels
  • weight: 2.54oz (72g)
  • Color: Black/Blue

Accessories (sold separately)

  • Wrist Strap Kit (010-11251-04)
  • Expander Watch Strap (010-11251-07)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (010-10997-00)
  • Foot Pod (010-11092-00)
  • Foot Pod (010-10998-00)
  • External Battery Pack & Solar Charger (010-10644-02)
  • Speed/Cadence bike sensor (010-10644-00)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I haven't had any of the issues other users have had. I must be lucky! I have had my black 610 for nearly a year, always had accurate and reliable use from it, running 30pmw average during that time in all kinds of weather. Satellite worked great! Unit functions flawlessly! Touchscreen was responsive and easy to use. Love it! Garmin then decided to come out with white 610s this fall. Well, shoot, I wanted white so I just sold my black one to help fund the white 610. I expect the new unit to function as my old one did, accurate & easy & reliable in every way. I am a female runner with small wrists. The watch is definately on the larger side but well smaller than most full function GPS watches out there. Cannot say enough great things about the 610.
From: Jamie, Nebraska

Comments: Lacking Quality Control!  I purchased the new Garmin 610 in late July and I'm having the same issue with battery reverse charging.   When I looked at the Garmin Forum website there's four pages of people having the same issue.   Garmin has known about this issue for months and still has not pulled the units off the shelves.  Why would they continue to sell these units when there is no simple fix.   This is unacceptable.

Comments: I highly recommend that folks stay away fro this watch, at least until Garmin works out all the bugs. I purchased one two weeks ago, and the battery drained while charging. I talked to Garmin's customer support and since it was impossible to get it to charge they told me to return it, but a, replacement would take 4 to 5 weeks. I couldn't wait that long, so I just asked for a refund, and ordered a new one from a different vendor. Surprise, surpise, I had the same issue. Garmin told me to upgrade the firmware on it, which I was able to do before the battery completely ran out, but it made no difference. So, here I am getting ready to send the second watch bak for a refund, and probably will never buy anything from Garmin again. Which really blows because I waited a long time for Garmin to release this watch :( 
From: Maz, Clarksville, TN, USA

Comments: Disappointed in the quality of this watch.  The pin that holds the strap in place works lose and the watch has come off on a few runs. Syncing with the Garmin ANT software is also glitchy in that most of the time it takes forever for the software to detect the device.  There have also been a few times that it has failed to detect satellite.
From: PC, Mckinney, TX, USA

Comments: Got this at the Boston Marathon. It's a great watch, but its a piece of junk GPSwise when compared to the 305 I had for years. Has big GPS problems when you hit the start button, also has multiple GPS glitch points in the GPX path data for most of my runs. It's even told me I was running 2 min/mile pace after 7 miles one run. Stay away from this and get the 305.
From: JV, Long Island, NY, USA

Comments: AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I bought this piece of junk a year ago and had nothing but problems. From the reverse-charging battery to the screen locking, to the screen not responding to touches. Worst $400 I've ever spent.
From: Bill, Boston, MA 

Comments: I have had this watch for about three weeks now, so my review is not as in depth as the others on here.  SO FAR, the watch is great.  The touch screen is sometimes a little hard to engage.   Not like a phone, you really have to touch it with authority.  The GPS is accurate as it needs to be, the elevation is also very good considering it is not done barometrically.  The size is great, actually smaller than I expected. 
I have had no Ant+ connectivity issues, and charging has been fine.  I bought this despite some of the bad
reviews, because I know even if something does go wrong, RW will make it right.
Overall, however, I really like the watch.  The user interface is intuitive as well.
From: Anonymous

Comments: My firs6 610 stopped charging at about 10 months and went dead.  Read all the review about reverse charging - this is exactly what happened.  There is a design defect in the power clip.  I sent it back to Garmin and they sent me a new one.  You guessed it, 6 months later the same problem.  For $400 I would expect it to last longer.  Finally, the touch screen is not easy to use - not sensitive at all.  Can be as frustrating as the bezel on the 405.  The two things i did like, the large display is easy to read while running and the vibration alert is nice.  I am looking to buy another brand - I have had it with Garmin watches
From: Brian, Raleigh, NC USA

Comments: Overall I'm happy with this unit but it's not worth the retail price considering the bang for the buck you'd get from a 205 or 305. Compared to my old 205: (1) it's much more comfortable (2) battery life is considerably worse but still okay (3) it's slightly harder to read (due both to the smaller display area and display style) (4) ANT data transfer is extremely slow (5) vibrating alerts are extremely useful - I can run with music, in heavy traffic, wind, etc. and not have to worry about missing a beep.I updated to the most current firmware before using it so I haven't had some of the problems reported by the earliest users. One of the pins will start to peek its head out every couple of weeks but it's easy enough to slide back - there's certainly no risk of it falling out as some others have reports. Overall I'm very pleased with this but would probably go with a 305 if I had to pay full retail.
From: Sky, Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Comments: I have not had any of the problems the previous poster mentioned. The watch has served me great. I just wished there was a way to send data also through the cable, not just the ANT-radio dongle. Other than that, the watch does everything i need it to do and a ton more. The best thing for me is the programmable/customizable interval workouts. Battery life is ok for a GPS, it lasted happily through my 6h bike ride and had about 30% left. I cannot say much about accuracy, because everything I can compare it to is google-maps routed maps and my cycling computer, neither being extremely reliable to assess GPS accuracy, but they generally agree within a couple percent. The fit is great and it does not feel like you are wearing a desktop workstation on your arm, it's really light and the design makes it seem very sleek. The touchscreen works alright, sometimes it needs a second click, but I prefer that over accidental clicking.
From: Andri, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Comments: I was looking forward to buying this watch. When I received it, I was thrilled. Ran my first race and it seemed to do fine. Charging is another issue with this watch. The first time I tried to charge it, no problems. The other times, it didnt charge at all. In fact, it was draining my watch until it reached zero percent. Why would Garmin put this watch on the market with so many bugs. Stay away from Garmin and this watch.
From: Robbie, Raleigh, NC, USA