Learning Center: Heart Rate Monitors


Heart Rate Monitors

Key Benefits

  • Get the most out of your workout by training at the desired intensity and achieving your day's workout goals
  • Lets you know if you are working too hard or not hard enough
  • Helps prevent long-term over-training or under-training
  • By using a heart rate monitor as a training guide, you can improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness

The Basics

  • Heart rate is a measure of workout intensity
  • The most accurate and portable method for obtaining heart rate is with a chest strap and wireless receiver (watch or exercise equipment display)
  • Electrodes in the chest strap capture the electrical signals produced by the heart
  • A heart rate monitor watch displays heart rate and possibly other information depending on the model's features
  • Obtaining your heart rate by feeling your pulse from an artery or through a finger-touch device is less accurate than using a chest strap and may disrupt the flow of your workout
  • Get the most out of training with your heart rate monitor by obtaining your maximum heart rate measurement at a performance institute, university, or medical lab
  • Although water-resistant, heart rate monitors do not function correctly underwater

Key Features

  • Continuous heart rate display
  • Backlight display for nighttime visibility
  • Heart rate display in beats per minute or as percent of maximum heart rate
  • Target zone feature with alarms to help keep you at your desired intensity
  • Calorie counter to track the number of calories burned during your workout
  • After workout recall of heart rate data; examples of heart rate data include: maximum heart rate during workout, average heart rate, time spent in target zone
  • Lap/split time function for interval training or racing with heart rate data stored for each lap
  • Storage capacity to have the watch function as a training log
  • Download capability to a computer for charting progress and logging workouts
  • Compatible with same-brand speed and distance monitor.