Learning Center: Selecting a Hydration System


Selecting a Hydration System

Key Benefits

  • Carries fluids so that you can increase performance through proper hydration
  • Carries fluids for prevention of dehydration
  • Carries small items such as keys, energy bars, I.D., etc.

The Basics

  • For longer duration activities, maintaining proper hydration is essential for health and performance
  • Personal preference and duration dictates whether you want a hand-held bottle, waist pack, or backpack
  • Hand-held bottles use a strap to alleviate the need to constantly grip the bottle
  • Single bottle waist packs allow for the transport of 20 - 26 ounces of one type of beverage with additional storage capacity for small essentials
  • Dual bottle waist packs double the fluid capacity of single bottle waist packs
  • Multiple bottle waist packs allow for distribution of fluid weight as well as the ability to carry more than one type of beverage; usually some storage capacity is also provided for small essentials
  • Backpacks use a large capacity, 40 - 80 ounce bladder with a drink tube; well-suited for trekking and all-day activities

Key Features

  • Wide-mouth bottles are easy to fill, can carry ice, and are easy to clean
  • Adjustable placement of bottles and pouches suits individual and daily needs
  • Inclusion of gel flask and holster for carbohydrate gels
  • Pockets or pouches for extra carrying capacity
  • Portable CD-player size pouch with earphones cable port