Key Benefits

  • Extra cushioning
  • Added support for your arches
  • Provides custom fit for your feet

The Basics

  • Start with getting a good running shoe, but if there is no perfect shoe for you then get the best shoe and an insole to create the perfect combination
  • Insoles will either make a shoe feel softer, provide extra support for the foot or both
  • Cushioned insoles help absorb shock and provide a softer feel
  • Arch cushioned insoles fill the void created by a very high arch
  • Arch support or orthotic-type insoles are designed for lower arches or flat feet and help improve alignment of the foot in order to reduce stress in the feet, legs, knees, hips and back
  • For specific heel or forefoot problems, heel pads or forefoot pads may be the solution versus a full-length insole
  • Insoles will usually last through the life of at least two pairs of shoes
  • Once a shoe wears out, the shoe should be replaced. Do not attempt to extend the life of a shoe by using an insole.

Key Features

  • Semi-rigid arch support insoles help reduce excessive pronation and associated symptoms (for example: plantar fasciitis)
  • Shock absorbing materials help protect the feet at impact
  • Additional cushioning materials located in the heel and forefoot provide added protection