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The Moji 360 Mini Massager is your next favorite companion to take to the race or to keep in a desk drawer. A set of 7 omni- directional stainless steel spheres allow you to pinpoint sore spots and work in a circular motion, mimicking the feel of hand massage while also being less painful than static pressure. The 360 Palm forms to the curve of your hand, making for an effective massage anywhere you can reach.


  • Portable design packs away easily for massage relief anywhere throughout the day
  • 7 omni-directional stainless steel spheres let you work in a circular motion, mimicking hand massage
  • Provides dynamic, continuous movement that is less painful than static pressure massage
  • Forms to curve of your hand for effective massage
  • Helps alleviate muscle pain and trigger points
  • Use for warm-up: helps prepare and loosen muscles for physical activity
  • Use for cool-down: helps disperse effects of lactic acid and helps relax muscles following activity

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