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Grab the Nathan Quickdraw Plus to keep 22 oz of fluid, gels and small essentials within reach. The updated easy-squeeze bottle features a softer nozzle that's enhances fluid flow, is easy to open and is easy on your teeth. The zipper pocket is large enough to stash several gels and keys, or your iPhone.


  • Black/Green (4834NB)
  • Nathan Blue/Green (4834NU)
  • Sparkling Cosmo Pink (4834NSC)


  • Included 22 oz Nathan TruFlex bottle
  • Zipper 4.75" H x 2.75" W pocket for gels, keys or smartphone (fits iPhone 4 & 5 with case)
  • Moisture-wicking, adjustable Wall Mesh hand strap with soft perimeter binding
  • Unique hand strap eliminates the need to grip bottle and offers alternative hand positions
  • Rugged collar securely holds bottle secure
  • Reflective details for increased visibility in low-light conditions

Bottle Details

  • Easy-squeeze 22 oz Nathan TruFlex bottle made from Super Flex Resin
  • 25% bigger, soft silicone nozzle is easy on your teeth, keeps shape and doesn't leak
  • Delivers high flow rate of liquid with little effort
  • Soft grip cap is easy to open, even with wet hands
  • BPA-free and won't leech plastic taste
  • Bottle and cap are dishwasher safe on top rack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Nathan Quickdraw is such a conundrum. For me, I love the way the grip works and I love the large storage pocket. However, the bottles leak for days. I have two bottles and they both leak. And the more I use them the more they leak. Lots of my friends have them and %80 of them say they either dealt with the leaking or they sent the bottles back. If you don't mind water getting on your shirt when you drink then its totally fine but for me I find it really annoying. I would not recommend this product.
From: Garrett, Bakersfield, CA, USA. March 28th 2015

Comments: The new cap doesn't leak as much as the older one. You just need to really smash it down at times but mostly it's VERY reliable. The thing that bugged me was that the new 3M reflective strap is too thin and doesn't hold well. That said, I have been running without cinching it lately and it's easy to hold the bottle. I think if you have small women's hands (I have small men's hands) this might be an issue but the holder itself is tight enough. It's a nice size pocket too.
From: AVY, Oneonta, NY, USA. August 12th 2014

Comments: This bottle leaked within the first ten steps of my run. The handgrip with the thumbgrip is super comfortable. The pocket is great. The insulated bottle kept my water cold for 5 miles. Again, too bad about the leaking bottle. It leaks out of the cap, not the nozzle. And the pressure of running plus 22 oz. of water on the cap actually pushes the cap off one of the threads, so you'll constantly be pushing the cap down flat. Overall not satisfied. I could live with it, but will try something else.
From: RJ, Colleyville, TX, USA. July 27th 2014

Comments: I returned it, it leaked. wasn't happy with it
From: Anonymous. July 4th 2014

Comments:I primarily bought this because of the large pocket. It can fit my iPhone 5s w/a lifeproof case, car key and a poop bag or 2. For Nathan bottles, this one isnt bad and the new top seems to be better than previous models....much less leaking. I used this bottle in a spring ultra and it was comfy to carry all that time. I bought a spare bottle so I could use the pocket on my insulated Camelbak podium bottle, so it fits that bottle too (although not as well)
From: Charlene, Washington, DC, USA. June 18th 2014