Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Handheld 18oz

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Handheld 18oz

Price: $35.00
Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated 18oz Black
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  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated 18oz Very Berry
In Stock: 6+
  • Color: Very Berry
  • Size: One Size


Model Number: 4851N

The Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated handheld features an ergonomic 18 oz insulated SpeedDraw Fire & Ice reflective flask that keeps your fluid cold and allows for a natural, relaxed hand position. A zipper pocket on the hand strap fits gels, keys and other small essentials. The easy-to-squeeze flask features Nathan's Race Cap design that's always open, but doesn't leak; highly reflective bottle helps increase your presence to drivers when running on the road.


  • Includes 18 oz reflective double-wall insulated SpeedDraw Fire & Ice Flask with high-flow Race Cap
  • Zipper 5.0" H x 3.25" W pocket for gels, smaller phones, or other small essentials
  • Moisture-wicking, velcro-adjustable Wall Mesh hand strap with soft perimeter binding
  • Unique hand strap eliminates the need to grip the Flask and offers alternative hand positions
  • Rugged collar securely holds Flask and prevents hand strap from loosening
  • Reflective detail for increased safety

Flask Details

  • Easy-squeeze 18 oz double-wall insulated SpeedDraw Fire & Ice Flask
  • Race Cap nozzle is always open but doesn't leak
  • Delivers high flow rate of liquid with little effort
  • BPA-free and won't leech plastic taste
  • Bottle and cap are dishwasher safe on top rack
  • Highly reflective for increased safety in low-light conditions

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I had the same issues with leaking.  I thought I had the wrong lid.  I started using a lid from a Nathan speed shot bottle and that lid fits much better.  This is the top that must be pulled up to open.  I like the larger size bottle and being able to hold this on my hand with the strap.
From: Karen. September 25th 2016

Comments: First of all - THIS IS NOT AN 18 OZ BOTTLE! It is a 16 oz bottle. When I called to make sure I didn't order the wrong thing, they said it is an 18 oz bottle, they do not sell a 16 oz version. After some back and forth, we realized that they are incorrectly advertising this bottle as 18 oz. Apparently, they are not going to change the information on their website and continue to falsely advertise this as 18 oz. Customer Service Rep tried to blame the manufacturer for giving incorrect info, but the bottle itself and the attached tag clearly say 16 oz. I kept the bottle, but have the same issues as others. IT LEAKS! There is definitely an art to getting the lid threaded correctly to where it doesn't leak in the beginning, but give it half an hour or so and it starts leaking.
From: Anonymous. September 14th 2016

*Editor's Note: Thank you for your feedback, it has been passed along to Nathan. Please note that the marking of '16oz' is the topmost mark on the bottle; however, the bottle can be filled past this marking. Filling the bottle to the top results in the full 18oz capacity. We apologize for any confusion.

Comments: I loved this bottle for about a month, but then it started leaking out the top of the nozzle and the threads of the screw top. I switched lids (I have 2 of these) and it seemed fine, but 1/2 way through my run 1/2 the water had leaked out and the pocket/strap was soaked. Kind of expensive for a problem like this.
From: Anonymous. April 15th 2016

Comments: I generally disagree with the leaking complaints, although faulty products have been known to make it through to the market. I have found that lining the threads on the top properly and correctly/securely closing the bottle makes all the difference. One of my first runs it was leaking significantly and I was disappointed, but realized that this was an easily correctable error on my part in not aligning and closing the top adequately. Also, if you use the hand strap you will not need to grip the bottle hard with running. Unless you overfill, I have found you need to apply a fairly firm squeeze for the water to come out and therefore leakage has not been an issue. As for insulation, I think it does insulate better than their regular bottles but will not completely guard against very warm or cold temperatures outside.
From: Troy, VA, USA. February 10th 2016

Comments: I would not recommend this bottle. Within a few weeks of buying it, the bottle started leaking around the threads and has leaked ever since. I emailed Nathan's CS and never even got a response. The other issue I've run into is the narrow opening. It makes it very difficult to refill quickly at aid stations and nearly impossible to get ice into the bottle. I will say the handheld device with the bottle is nice, but it doesn't make up for the other flaws of the bottle.
From: Anonymous. March 23rd 2015

Comments: Not a fan at all. Hands get sweaty during the summer with this and its cold during the winter. Top is ok, but it takes some effort to get the water out...not good when running uphill! :) The one plus is the storage. I rarely run with a phone, but if you need to carry one, its perfect. My advice is to stick with Amphipod.
From: Evan, Colorado Springs, CO, USA. May 30th 2014

Comments: This water bottle is disappointing for several reasons. Water consistently comes out of the nozzle with the slightest of pressure, even sitting it on a table with the bottle near full will result in a pool of water in minutes. When running, it constantly leaks water out of the nozzle, you're lucky to get 12 oz of water out of it during a 10 mile run.
From: Anonymous, April 19th 2014

Comments: The bottle works flawlessly. There's no opening and closing the spout, no leaking and very easy to suck the water out. The only small issue I had is that the bottle is listed as 18oz on the site, but the bottle actually says 16oz. Again, not that big of a deal, but you're missing out on a little bit of nutrition during a race. Overall, an awesome purchase.
From: Tino, San Francisco, CA, USA. 2/28/14