Pro-Tec Roller Travel Massager One Size

Pro-Tec Roller Travel Massager One Size

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The Pro-Tec Roller Travel Massager is a great tool to help reduce muscle tightness, soreness and pain while you're on the road and away from home so you're back on your feet, ready-to-go the next day.  This smaller version easily fits into most carry-on bags.


  • 17.5"

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  • Raised 'Vynafoam' sections sink into soft tissues, helping relieve tightness
  • Rounded grip ends help loosen knots in the muscle, offering precision trigger point release
  • Helps stretch muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing circulation to the soft tissues
  • Use for both legs and feet to relieve soreness and aches
  • User manual included with 20 massage techniques
  • Travel size; fits in most carry-on bags

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