Pro-Tec Soft Splint

Price: $38.00
Pro-Tec Soft Splint Black SM
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  • Size: Black
  • Accessory Size: SM
Pro-Tec Soft Splint Black MD
In Stock: 1
  • Size: Black
  • Accessory Size: MD
Pro-Tec Soft Splint Black LG
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  • Size: Black
  • Accessory Size: LG


Model Number: 910-

Put yourself on the road to recovery wearing the Pro-Tec Soft Splint. This device helps alleviate pain and tightness in both the arch and achilles tendon by combining the benefits of a compression sock and the stability of the Night Splint.


  • Black


  • Helps to alleviate pain and tightness found in the arch and achilles tendon
  • Brings together the benefits you'll find in a compression sock and the structure and stability of the Night Splint
  • Firm insole helps to hold the foot in place
  • Built-in toe wedge supports your toes in a comfortable dorsiflexion
  • The breathable compression material provides massage to calf and achilles tendon area to aid in healing


Size SM
Men's* 6.0-8.0 8.5-10.5 11.0-13.0
Women's* 5.0-8.0 8.5-11.0 11.5-13.5

*Size based upon shoe size

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