Pro-Tec Y Foam Roller One Size Black

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Model Number: PTFM-Y ROLLER

With 3 different areas to roll, The Pro-Tec Y Foam Roller gets to work on tight quads, calves, IT Bands and just about any other muscle with a unique ridge design. Roll on dual or single ridges for aggressive, targeted deep-tissue massage; roll on the flat middle section for moderate pressure. Durable, high-density elastomer foam construction means 'The Y Roller' can take all the abuse you have to dish out.

Size: 15.5" L x 6" D

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  • High density, durable Elastomer foam construction
  • Versatile roller with ridges offers 3 sections for massage:
  • Roll on 1) Single Ridge or 2) Dual Ridge for aggressive, targeted massage
  • Roll on 3) flat middle section for moderate massage
  • Promotes flexibility and myofascial release
  • Great for IT Band, calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, adductors and arch of foot
  • Included instruction manual with muscle-specific techniques

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