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Altra Torin Product Review

Short Take

With a cushioned and soft midsole, the Altra Torin provides a zero drop, natural running experience without sacrificing protection from road impacts.

Big Features

  • Cushioned, Zero-Drop: With 20mm of material underfoot in both the heel and forefoot, this shoe encourages an efficient run while providing protection from impact.
  • Wide Fit: Featuring Altra’s characteristic fit, this shoe offers plenty of room in the forefoot for toe splay and high volume feet.

Road Test

If you follow trends in running shoes, you know that the popularity of bare bones, ultra-minimal options has waned during recent months, as more runners are going for more cushioned alternatives that still offer a low offset platform for a natural stride.

The Torin is Altra’s option for runners seeking a natural, yet protected ride. The cushioning is on the softer side, but it doesn’t completely separate runners from the road, delivering a bit of feedback from the ground. Though the zero drop design encourages a forefoot landing, the cushioning is ample for some heelstriking as well.

The fit is characteristic of Altra’s offerings, featuring a wide toebox and open midfoot. For those not used to Altra shoes, the fit takes a few runs to acclimate to, but testers found the fit to provide ample room for the splaying of the toes through the gait cycle, while easily accommodating higher volume or wider feet.

We found the Torin to be suitable as a high mileage trainer for those used to a zero drop design, or as an entry-level shoe for runners looking to shift towards more minimal options.

Runners Say


“This shoe fits like a typical Altra. It’s roomy, but I feel that the lacing system and heel do a good job of keeping things secure.”


“This shoe is great for running on your forefoot. I was easily able to get up on my toes and run like a ninja.”


“The cushioned zero offset design felt less straining to me than more minimal zero drop options, which makes the Torin a better choice as an entry-level zero drop option.”