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Asics Gel Super J33 Product Review

Short Take

Light and low, but with mild support, the Asics Gel Super J33 treats overpronators to a natural feel and a fast run.

Big Features

  • Moderate Offset: We measured the heel-to-toe offset at 4mm, which hits the ‘sweet spot’ between near-barefoot and traditional shoes for many runners.
  • Pronation Support: By way of a dual density midsole design, the Super J33 delivers support on par with other lightweight support trainers such as the popular DS Trainer.
  • FluidAxis: Now a standard feature of the Natural33 collection, the diagonal flex pattern in the platform promotes natural foot motion and delivers a smooth transition.

Road Test

If you follow running trends, you probably know that the craze over minimalism has cooled, with runners now seeking something that delivers a natural ride without sacrificing cushioning, and in some cases, overpronation support. Asics’ new Super J33 hits that mark, and will be a great option for a wide number of runners who want to let their feet do the work while staying protected and supported.

The Super J33 is built on a flexible, low offset platform, giving the shoe a fast and sooth ride. The cushioning is on the firmer side, providing a good amount of responsiveness. The FluidAxis technology, which Asics has designed to isolate the subtalar joint for natural foot function, makes the transition effortless from heel strike to toe-off.

Testers were pleased with the upper; printed overlays from heel to toe keep the foot securely in place while maintaining a seamless interior. The fit is characteristic of an Asics shoe – snug in the midfoot and more accommodating in the toebox, and though the heel is more unstructured than many of Asics’ other models, testers did not report any heel slippage.

The Super J33 is an excellent addition to Asics’ Natural33 collection, giving runners a chance to run with a quick and efficient stride without sacrificing support. This shoe is a great choice for everything from race day duty to everyday training.

Runners Say


“As someone typically running in a Kayano or 2000, I found the Super J33 to be a light and comfortable shoe that should work well for racing. I think I’ll use it in my next marathon.”


“I’d say the support is comparable to that of the DS Trainer. If you like the DS Trainer but what a lower and more natural riding shoe, I’d recommend the Super J33.”


“The ride was a little smoother when heel striking than when coming down on the midfoot or forefoot. I think the FluidAxis flex grooves really sets you up for a smooth transition from the heel forward.”