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Brooks Ghost 6 Product Review

Short Take

Leaving out the frills but delivering plenty of runability, the Brooks Ghost 6 is a cushioned and smooth go-to trainer that gets the job done.

Big Updates

  • Full Ground Contact: The removal of the plastic midfoot shank in the outsole yields a continuous connection with the ground from heel to toe.
  • New Lacing: The adjustable eyelets of the previous version have been removed for an improved lacing experience.

Road Test

Over the past few years, the Brooks Ghost has risen to the top of the popularity charts for neutral daily trainers. The Ghost may not feature shiny bells and whistles, but it’s cushioned and it’s smooth, and that’s what counts. It comes as no surprise that when it’s time for an update, Brooks doesn’t try to mess with a good thing here.

If there’s one thing the Ghost 6 is good at, it’s delivering a balanced ride; it’s not the softest shoe in its category, but it isn’t too firm either. Of course, Brooks’ proprietary DNA cushioning in the heel and forefoot provide a tailored cushioning experience and make the shoe noticeably more responsive when picking up the pace.

Runners have long lauded the Ghost’s smooth heel to toe transition, and we’ll say that the praise is well deserved. By filling in the midfoot shank of previous iterations, the ride is even smoother before, especially for those landing on their midfoot, though at a small cost of slightly reduced overpronation support.

Changes to the upper in this update are mostly cosmetic. Seamless overlays have been added around the toebox for reduced irritation, but fans of the fairly open and accommodating fit of the previous version will continue to feel at home in this update.

Runners Say


“The upper feels a little plusher than the previous version for more comfort, but the fit of this Ghost feels identical to its predecessor.”


“The Ghost 6 delivers a smooth transition and plenty of protection whether you’re landing on your heel, midfoot, or forefoot.”


“I like that the shoe tends to firm up when picking up the tempo, which makes it suitable for some speedwork on top of your daily training.”