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Brooks Glycerin 11 Product Review

Short Take

A premium trainer blazing new trails of running shoe comfort, the Brooks Glycerin 11 is a great choice for the high mileage runner or just someone looking for a luxurious ride.

Big Updates

  • Full Ground Contact: Brooks has removed the supportive midfoot shank of previous versions in favor of an uninterrupted connection with the ground from heel to toe.
  • New Upper: A completely redesigned upper ushers in plush materials, seamless comfort, and a structured fit.
  • Same Great Cushioning: The Glycerin continues to carry a full-length DNA insert for adaptive cushioning from heel to toe.

Road Test

The aim of the Glycerin series is to provide runners with utmost comfort, and it shows in the construction of this premium neutral trainer. The upper utilizes plush and soft materials from heel to toe, while the use of seamless overlays reduces hotspots and irritations. Testers found the shoe snug and secure through the midfoot and accommodating in the toebox, a fit that will agree with many runners.

The ride of the Glycerin 11 sits on the firmer side, with testers reporting a responsive and connected-to-the-ground feel, far from the norm of shoes in the premium-cushioning category. That’s not to say the shoe isn’t protective, though – the cushioning of the shoe continues to provide a protective feel worthy of heavy training.

A notable change in this update is the removal of the plastic midfoot shank in favor of increased contact with the ground, resulting in an effortless transition from footstrike through toe-off.

As with all plush and premium trainers, the Glycerin doesn’t deliver the most nimble run. But for runners willing to sacrifice that little bit of performance for unsurpassable luxury and comfort, the Glycerin 11 is a shoe that is sure to deliver.

Runners Say


“The outsole rubber seems pretty soft, which made me wonder how durable it would be. After racking up some miles in the shoe, though, I didn’t notice any abnormal wear and tear.”


“Though I’m typically not a fan of the way Brooks fit, I felt right at home in the Glycerin 11. I think the plush upper and seamless construction makes this shoe more conforming to the foot.”


“This shoe isn’t as soft as, say a Nike Pegasus, but it definitely provides plenty of shock absorption and protection from the ground.”