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Brooks PureConnect 2 Product Review

Short Take

Low and lightweight but with just enough cushioning underneath, the Brooks PureConnect 2 keeps you close to the road without a bare bones ride.

Big Updates

  • New Tongue Design: “Burrito wrap” style construction and an asymmetrical lacing system give the shoe an improved fit through the midfoot.
  • Increased Breathability: A new open mesh is ultra-breathable and great for warm-weather runs.
  • Same Platform: No changes to the midsole or outsole here – this version offers the same underfoot feel as its predecessor.

Road Test

The PureConnect 2 is the second-most minimal option within Brooks’ PureProject line (the most minimal being the PureDrift). The PureConnect 2 is designed to offer runners a close-to-the-ground feel while retaining underfoot protection for high mileage training.

In this update, changes were limited to the upper. Though the new lacing and tongue design took some getting used to for a few testers, we found the burrito wrap style to allow for easy adjustment of midfoot volume. As with the previous version, testers found the arch structure to be on the higher side in this shoe, something lower-arched runners may want to note.

The PureConnect 2 features a fairly soft midsole foam that feels firmer and more responsive when picking up the pace. The low profile design keeps the foot close to the road and offers plenty of feedback and ground feel, while a moderately low heel-to-toe offset promotes a midfoot strike and an efficient stride.

The PureConnect 2 is a versatile option depending on what the runner is looking for. Those seeking a stripped-down trainer will enjoy the PureConnect 2 as an everyday shoe, while others will find its low weight and responsive ride suitable for speed workouts and race day.

Runners Say


“The pods on the outsole feel a little awkward when walking or just standing around. You really have to run in the shoe to experience a smooth ride.”


“The holes in the midsole tend to pick up rocks. I’d stick to the roads or very well groomed trails with this shoe.”


“I think the new upper offers a subtle improvement to the PureConnect series. Apart from a slightly better midfoot fit, the second version is nearly identical to its predecessor.”