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Brooks PureGrit Product Review

Short Take

The Brooks PureGrit shows the trails that you've got style, and the good sense to pick a shoe that can adapt to a wide range of trail conditions.

Big Features

  • One-Piece Outsole: Get grip in your 'Grits with a durable outsole with multi-directional lugs.
  • Variable Cushioning: Brooks blended their BioMoGo midsole material and DNA gel cushioning material into the midsole, creating a ride that's cush at low speed and firm at a faster clip.
  • Low Offset: Like all the PureProject shoes released to date, the PureConnect sports a 5mm heel-to-toe drop that encourages more of a midfoot strike pattern.
  • “Ideal” Heel: Brooks designed the PureProject line with a curved heel. Testing shows that this design can move the runner's foot strike forward by a few millimeters.
  • Secure Fit: Another PureProject feature, the Nav Band that spans the midfoot keeps you fastened to the platform.

Road Test

When our testers first laced up the PureGrit, they weren't quite sure this shoe was up for trail duty. First of all, let's be honest: it's not all that rugged looking. And when you're just walking around, the platform is a bit squishy. So was this a swing and miss from Brooks?

Not at all. Get the PureGrit moving and it firms up nicely, thanks to the BioMoGo DNA that becomes firmer when it is subjected to increased pressure. And the outsole provides good grip on a variety of surfaces including dirt and loose rocks. There's no rock plate so you need to watch out for stone bruising if bigger rocks are in your path.

The gusseted tongue is another trail-specific feature to debris from sneaking into your shoe. It's part of a flexible upper with few overlays. Testers enjoyed the locked-in feeling of the heel and the way the upper moved with your foot when you wanted it to while keeping you securely anchored to the mid/outsole.

The outsole material isn't as grippy as we'd like in wet conditions, particularly wet grass or wood. Overall, the grip is impressive for the lug depth, and the shoe is quite runnable on the road too. The PureGrit is a good choice for the runner whose regular outings cover surfaces of both the paved and unpaved variety.

Runners Say


The PureGrit offers the smoothest ride of any of the Pure shoes, at least for me. The platform is nice and level and the transition is seamless.


When you first put this shoe on and feel how soft it is, you wonder if it's really going to be a trail buddy. But one run off the road will show you that this thing is willing to get dirty and keep you golden on the trail.


I'm a bit weary of the traction over wet surfaces, but that's just one drawback to an otherwise great shoe.