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Brooks Ravenna 3 Product Review

Short Take

Minimal changes for the Brooks Ravenna 3 should keep this a popular shoe in the moderate support, moderate feature category.

Big Updates

  • Better Flexibility: Flex Grooves in the forefoot of the outsole and a specially designed rubber improve flexibility during the propulsion phase.
  • Improved Upper Adjustability: The adjustable midfoot saddle integrated with the lacing system keeps the foot closely connected with theRavenna’s platform.

Road Test

Our testers found a lot to like in the Ravenna 3. Part of why the Ravenna series has remained so popular is the comfortable ride it offers for a wide range of runners. Heel strikers benefit from a caterpillar crash pad in the rearfoot, while midfoot strikers have a lower heel-to-toe drop, making for an easy midfoot strike.

Testers got a serious dose of cushioning in this shoe,particularly in the heel. We like that the Ravenna rolls your foot forward from heel to toe, making the progression feel almost effortless. We also like the flexibility found in the forefoot of the shoe, thanks to the built-in Flex Grooves and gender-specific rubber outsole.

The upper of the latest Ravenna features a generous forefoot. Our testers liked the overall fit of the upper but had split opinions on the wider forefoot. Some appreciated the extra room, while others found themselves slipping from side to side when turning corners.

Runners Say


The latest Ravenna is more of an evolution than a revolution. The toebox is a bit wider and I felt more cushioning in the heel.


I really like the fit in the forefoot. There’s room for my foot to spread out and my feet stayed cool.


The Ravenna 3 offers a good amount of support without feeling overly heavy.