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Hoka Bondi 2 Product Review

Short Take

Cushioning is the name of the game with the Hoka Bondi 2, an ultra-soft road shoe ideal for runs that take you beyond the marathon distance.

Big Updates

  • More Airflow: This version of the Bondi features a new, open mesh upper for increased breathability.

Road Test

When trying the Hoka Bondi 2, the first thing that comes to mind is cushioning – rightfully so, as this shoe packs a pillowy ride matched by few non-Hoka offerings. Our testers found the soft cushioning to save their legs over longer distances, making this shoe well suited to ultramarathon racing as well as easy runs where recovery is the goal.

Like many shoes catering to the ultramarathon crowd, the Bondi 2 offers a fairly accommodating fit throughout for lasting comfort over high mileage. Testers found the materials in the upper to be on the rigid side, though this wasn’t problematic when paired with a good pair of socks.

Though the Bondi 2 is classified as a road shoe, our testers found the small outsole lugs and cushioned platform more than suitable for tamer trails as well, making this shoe a great option for a mixed terrain ultramarathon.

This shoe may be unconventional, but for the runner looking for lasting, leg-saving cushioning over high mileage, the Bondi 2 makes for a welcome addition to the shoe rotation.

Runners Say


“This shoe may look a little odd, but once you get past its appearance, you have a smooth and soft shoe that’s plenty fun to run in.”


“With its ultra-soft cushioning, this shoe is great for easy and recovery runs. I’d want something more responsive for harder efforts, though.”


“For a shoe carrying this much material, I found it to feel surprisingly light on foot. It’s definitely nowhere near as heavy as it may look.”