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Inov-8 Trailroc 245 Product Review

Short Take

The middle child of Inov-8’s Trailroc series, the Trailroc 245 offers a low profile ride while retaining protective characteristics of a more rugged trail shoe.

Big Features

  • Low Offset: The heel rises 3mm over the forefoot, giving the shoe a low feel while minimizing the risk of lower-leg strain.
  • Meta-Shank Rock Plate: A plate of hardened rubber runs through the midfoot and protects the metatarsal heads from stone bruising and sharp rocks.
  • Moderately Aggressive Outsole: Medium sized lugs, in combination with three purpose-specific rubbers, offer versatile traction along with lasting durability.
  • Anatomic Fit: A wider forefoot offers room for toe splay during toe-off and more closely follows the shape of the foot.

Trail Test

The 245 is the intermediate option within Inov-8’s Trailroc series, sitting in between the Trailroc 235 and 255. We found the 245 to be an excellent middle of the road option for the trail runner looking for a versatile, low profile shoe that still offers protection from trail hazards.

Our testers found the 3mm heel-to-toe differential to hit a sweet spot, giving the shoe a low and close to the ground feel without putting the runner in a leg-straining zero drop option. The 245 also differs from the more minimal 235 through its inclusion of a Meta-Shank plate under the midfoot, protecting the runner from sharp rocks, a welcome feature especially when negotiating more technical and hazardous trails.

The Trailroc series is built on Inov-8’s new Anatomic last, offering a wider forefoot for increased toe splay as the runner progresses from touchdown to toe-off. For those of us used to a snugger, performance fit, the wider fit of the Trailrocs took a few runs to get used to. Once acclimated, however, we found the fit to allow for a greater feel for the trail as well as increased traction due to the amount of outsole surface area underfoot.

We were happy with the traction offered by the Trailroc series’ moderately aggressive outsole. The smaller lugs worked well over a variety of terrain, but impressed us most over hard-packed singletrack and over loose rock, great for runners in drier conditions. The use of three purpose-specific rubbers on the outsole also worked to improve grip in most conditions while adding durability; our testers noticed very little wear even after several runs over unforgiving, shoe-eating terrain.

Runners Say


Great compromise of protection and low profile in the Trailroc 245. I liked the low feel of the shoe without having my feet chewed up by rockier and more hazardous trails.


The traction is my favorite aspect of the Trailrocs. I didn’t notice any slippage over a variety of terrain, giving me the confidence to just cruise over the trails.


The Trailrocs are definitely trail specific shoes; the platform is just too firm to be doing any running on the road in these.