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Mizuno Wave Ekiden Product Review

Short Take

A super-light racing flat that will carry you from 5k to half marathon, the Mizuno Wave Ekiden offers a responsive and fast ride.

Big Features

  • Lightweight Mesh Upper: A thin mesh keeps weight low and allows for breathability.
  • Responsive Cushioning: A thin midsole puts you close to the ground for a quick feel, while Mizuno’s Wave cushioning provides some protection from impact.
  • High Performance Grip: The sticky rubber nubs lining the bottom provide grip on the road, track, and even on grass.

Road Test

The Mizuno Wave Ekiden is the latest racing flat to make its way overseas from the Japanese market. Named after the relay race format popular in Japan, the Ekiden proved to be a popular model across the Pacific, and looks to continue delivering fast running performances in the US.

This racing flat is on the firmer side, offering a responsive and quick feel underfoot. The Wave plate technology provides a touch of cushioning, but even so this is a flat best used for 5k to 10k distances, or up to the half marathon for efficient runners.

With a decently spacious fit, the Ekiden offers a departure from the tight fitting and near-claustrophobic upper of a typical racing flat. This will appeal to runners with higher volume feet, or to those who simply prefer a bit more wiggle room in their shoes. Despite the fit, testers still found the shoe to feel secure around the foot when running at faster paces.

In all, the Ekiden is a promising option for those seeking a lightweight and fast feeling shoe for shorter road races and speedwork.

Runners Say


“The Ekiden fit a bit on the roomier side for me, but it still delivered a fast and responsive feel.”


“This is definitely one of the firmer racing shoes I’ve tried. I’m restricting this shoe to speedwork on the track and shorter races.”


“I noticed a small strip of paper-like material over the toebox that produces a crinkling sound with each step. Luckily it can be removed without any problem.”