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Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 Product Review

Short Take

A lightweight support shoe with responsive cushioning and flashy looks, the Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 works for everything from easy running to racing.

Big Updates

  • Upper Redesign: Overlays around the upper have been shed, reducing weight and offering a more flexible and conforming fit.
  • Bold New Looks: Love it or hate it, the new, polarizing checkerboard print is bound to turn some heads.
  • Carryover Midsole: Look for the newest Elixir to offer the same smooth and responsive ride as its predecessor.

Road Test

Mizuno’s Wave Elixir 7 was acclaimed among the staff here at Running Warehouse, touted for its low weight, versatility, and effortlessly smooth ride. So we were happy to see minimal changes in the update to the Elixir 8.

Many of the overlays on the previous model were removed, though a couple of underlays do exist around the base of the laces for security. The result is a slight increase in flexibility and breathability of the upper. Expect a moderately spacious forefoot with a snug midfoot, a fit that should agree with many runners.

The ride of the Elixir 8 is nearly identical to that of the 7. For a Mizuno, the heel is on the softer side, offering comfortable protection during heelstrike. The forefoot remains firmer for a responsive toe-off, a welcome feel during faster paced runs. The ride remains smooth and natural, and the Wave plate continues to provide plenty of support to combat overpronation.

The aesthetics of the shoe are a different matter, as our staffers were split on the 80’s checkerboard look. Past its wild design, though, the Elixir 8 is protective yet lightweight shoe that can handle a wide variety of run types.

Runners Say


“The changes in this update are definitely subtle. I put the Elixir 8 on one foot and the 7 on the other and I had a hard time noticing the difference between the two.”


“For a Mizuno, the heel cushioning is unexpectedly soft, but the forefoot remains responsive for a quick and energetic toe-off.”


“The checkerboard print is a miss for me, but I like flexibility of the upper around the forefoot, which limits hotspots while running.”