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Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 Product Review

Short Take

Offering reliable support and cushioning, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 treats overpronators to a lighter shoe and a great fitting upper.

Big Updates

  • Softer Heel Cushioning: The replacement of VS-1 with SR Touch foam in the heel results in a softer initial impact on heel strike.
  • Redesigned Upper: The use of thinner overlays and mesh results in a lighter, more flexible, and more breathable upper.
  • Decreased Weight: We measured the Men’s version at 10.0 oz (size 9) and the Women’s at 8.3 oz (size 8).

Road Test

You can’t put together a comprehensive list moderate support running shoes without naming Mizuno’s Wave Inspire. One of the best selling shoes here at Running Warehouse, this trainer has developed a strong following among overpronators. In this update of the Inspire, minor changes result in a nice decrease in weight, without stripping the shoe of its core of cushioning and stability.

The most noticeable change to the 9th version of the Inspire is in the upper, with the use of thinner mesh and overlays throughout to shave a good amount of weight. Testers reported increased upper flexibility as a result, allowing for a fit that adapts to the changing shape of the foot while running. Another benefit: increased breathability, with plenty of airflow over the toes and around the midfoot.

We found the cushioning of the Inspire 9 to be somewhat softer than typical of a Mizuno. This is in part due to the introduction of SR Touch foam in the heel for a softer impact, though some testers felt that the forefoot is noticeably softer as well. We were still greeted by a smooth ride from heel to toe, and midfoot strikers had plenty to love in the Inspire 9’s transition.

Runners Say


“The forefoot of the Inspire 9 feels a lot softer that I would expect from a Mizuno. In fact, I don’t remember ever trying a Mizuno this soft (maybe the Enigma).”


“The Inspire 9 has a great out-of-the-box feel. A flexible upper, great fit and soft step-in feel make this a shoe I can comfortably run in with no break-in period.”


“The upper is super breathable, which might be great for summer, but not so much for winter running. A pair of thick socks will be needed for running in cold conditions.”