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Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Product Review

Short Take

Mizuno's biggest seller, the Rider 15 is back on track with a new upper fit and revised ride that's softer and more flexible.

Big Updates

  • New Last: Mizuno redesigned the upper for a fit that satisfies more feet and keeps the foot anchored comfortable throughout the stride.
  • Mizuno Intercool: A ventilation system in the midsole is designed to limit humidity buildup, keeping feet cool and dry.
  • Gender Engineering: This model is designed with gender-specific attributes such as a wider base in Men’s shoes and additional flex grooves in the Women’s version.

Road Test

The first thing you notice about the upper of the Rider 15 is that you don't notice it. Sure, you know that something is holding the shoe on your foot, but our testers noted a very comfortable and natural-feeling upper, something that wasn't one of the strongest attributes of the prior generation.

Male testers also noticed the gender-specific fit that widens the base of the shoe just enough to help it feel more stable and reduce impact forces. The shoe 's mid/outsole offers a crowd-pleasing mix of cushion, flexibility and responsiveness.

This is yet another Mizuno shoe that feels softer and more natural once you get up and running in it. It's stiff and a little awkward at a walking gait. But then again, it's not a walking shoe. It's a neutral running shoe designed for daily training and racking up the miles. Mizuno is back in the game with this retake and is poised to put smiles on the faces of a lot of runners looking for a solid trainer.

Runners Say


Compared to the 14, my foot fits in this shoe much better. Particularly in the forefoot, where I have more room where it matters.


Softer than the 14, with a very smooth heel-to-toe transition and comfortable ride. Mizunos feel like they fit me on the narrow side, and the Rider 15 is no different.


I think the runner who's been a Rider fan in the past has a lot to like in the latest version. It's not as soft as the 13 but I'll be surprised if it doesn't win over more fans than the prior model with a much more universal fit.