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Montrail Rogue Racer Product Review

Short Take

The Rogue Racer is Montrail's take at a no frills trail shoe that will keep you running in comfort whether its mile 5 or 50.

Big Features

  • Comfortable Mesh Upper: The roomy and soft upper material can be worn for miles without discomfort, while still delivering a secure feeling.
  • Hybrid Outsole: Small 3-point lugs and Gryptonite rubber provide multidirectional grip on many surfaces.

Trail Test

The Rogue Racer was Montrail's first foray into the lighter and leaner trail shoe market, featuring a low platform and fairly low weight. Though the popularity of more minimal and lightweight trail shoes has been on the rise since its release, we find that the Rogue Racer still very much has its place in the trail shoe category.

Testers immediately noticed the soft feeling of the Rogue Racer's cushioning. The heel is well protected, and heel striking resulted in a smooth transition through toe off. We did feel a drop off in cushioning forward of the heel, though this did not inhibit the shoe's smooth ride. We had mixed feelings on how the shoe performed when midfoot striking - some testers coming down on their midfoot found the shoe a bit stiff and unresponsive.

The upper is soft and contains few interior seams, allowing for long periods of wear with a lot of comfort and minimal risk of chafing. The overlays around the toebox are stiff, which may cause some irritation on a wider foot; however, the shoe's otherwise high volume should accommodate many foot shapes.

In comparison to some increasingly popular low-drop trail shoes, the relatively high 9mm offset of the Rogue Racer was found to reduce stress on the calf and lower leg, especially over longer distances. This, in combination with the cushioning provided, makes the Rogue Racer an excellent choice for ultramarathon racing or for off-road lovers looking to transition to a more nimble trail option.

Runners Say


The toebox is one of the tallest I've experienced, which gives me a lot of wiggle room up front.


The outsole is great for both road and nontechnical trails, but the sticky rubber used does not provide as much traction in wet conditions as I would like.


I felt a slight drop off in the midsole forward of the heel, which made midfoot striking a bit awkward. It definitely felt much smoother landing on the heel.