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New Balance MT110 All-Weather Product Review

Short Take

This lightweight trail racer gets low (4mm heel-to-toe drop), sports a natural running last for more forefoot room, and is all set for stormy conditions.

Big Features

  • Waterproof Gaiter:A waterproof wrapping covers the foot all the way up to the ankle.
  • Low, Flat: The 4mm offset is flatter than the 9mm offset found in the 101, with the forefoot lowered two millimeters and the heel lowered 7 millimeters.
  • 'Natural' Last: The 110 switches to the wide forefoot of the NL-1 run-specific last, which gives you the room you need for your feet to spread out during midfoot striking.
  • Flexible Midsole: The midsole gives you some cushioning and protection but doesn't get in your way (though a few testers noticed a built-up lateral forefoot, which felt a bit awkward at least at first).
  • Good Cushion & Traction: Directional lugs from heel to toe on the 110 improve traction on uphill climbs and descents. The outsole is made from sticky rubber that also offers a bit of cushioning.

Road Test

The New Balance Trail 110 All-Weather is a versatile shoe. Take all the good stuff that comes along with the 110, including the great fit, low drop and cushy lugs, and add an upper that protects against elements without adding a bunch of weight. That right there is a winning combination.

New Balance nailed almost every technical aspect of the 110. We couldn't find one tester who was unimpressed with the fit and construction of the upper. It reminds you it's there just enough without getting in the way. Of course, for the heel strikers on staff, this shoe would take some getting used to on the trails, but midfoot strikers felt right at home right away, with a smooth transition free of the "slap" on ground contact that can occur in a less well-designed shoe.

Runners Say


The MT110 All-Weather is one of the most versatile trail shoes I've come across. I was impressed by the comfort and stability of this shoe. The lugs provide a nice level of protection and cushion.


I really like the fit of the upper, and didn't feel any chafing from the high ankle collar. The midsole seems plenty flexible, but it feels a little too built up on the outside edge of the forefoot. Probably something I would get used to after a few longer runs.


You can tell the designers put some thought into every aspect of this shoe. Like the standard MT110, it has that great platform, but you also get a thoroughly engineered gaiter made from a material that seems highly durable.