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Nike Lunaracer+ 3 Product Review

Short Take

The third time’s the charm: the Nike Lunaracer+ 3 is a improved take on it’s predecessor, offering a comfortable fit and a soft ride in a lightweight, race-ready shoe.

Big Updates

  • Redesigned Upper: The Lunaracer+ 3 features a brand new upper, offering a less constrictive fit for improved comfort.
  • Carryover Platform: This version of the Lunaracer features the same mid/outsole that made the original version a cult favorite.

Road Test

Though the original Lunaracer saw substantial success for its soft cushioning and lightweight construction, it was far from the ideal shoe, featuring an upper that claimed the skin of many unsuspecting runners.

Addressing the issues of the original Lunaracer, Nike has designed a completely new upper for the Lunaracer+ 3 (some of you may remember the short-lived Lunaracer+ 2 from back in 2010/11). We think this is a huge step in the right direction for this shoe, giving it a fit that isn’t constrictive or intrusive while remaining snug and secure for faster-paced running.

If you loved the soft and resilient platform of the original Lunaracer, you’ll be pleased to find it unchanged in this latest update. The shoe still has a protective and padded underfoot feel without sacrificing much responsiveness, a fast feel that won’t completely thrash the legs over distances up to the marathon.

Runners Say


“The upper fit very nicely. It’s snug and sits close to the foot, but it isn’t tight or uncomfortable. It moves with my feet nicely when running at faster paces.”


“A soft ride that never feels too mushy. I think the cushioning is dialed for longer distances – I’d consider this shoe for marathon duty.”


“Nike fixed what needed to be fixed on this shoe while retaining everything that made it great. I’m excited about this update.”