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A 'Balaclava' derives its name from a frigid winter town in Ukraine. Designed also to stand up to the coldest weather, the Saucony DryLete Balaclava protects and insulates your whole head from the worst that mother nature has to offer.


  • Black


  • DryLete fabric features a superior combination of moisture transfer and warmth for next-to-skin comfort
  • Full head, neck and face coverage completely insulates from biting cold
  • Full mouth and nose coverage with a breathable mesh insert
  • Flexible front opening allows runner to adjust the fit and temperature on-the-go

Sizes and Fabric

  • One Size Fits All
  • DryLete: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was having issues with running in the cold and going into an allergy/sneezing attack post run. So on went my search for something to give me some relief. This balaclava did the trick perfectly. I believe the issue was the cold air on my nasal membranes and when I warmed up, on came the attacks. So this product keeps me from 'ridding myself of the nasal fluid', if you will, during the run. Gross, maybe, but it works. Aside from that, it makes running in the cold a joy again. I used this in combination with my normal headband this morning in 7 degree (-2 wind chill) weather and was amazingly comfortable. Keeps enough heat in without overheating. I highly recommend this product to any runners. The venting in the mouthpiece is just right in my opinion.
From: Scott, IL, USA. February 11th 2016

Comments: A truly awesome and useful product, but I will say that it makes the wearer look a bit suspicious. I was reported as a shady character by 4 different neighbors the first time I wore this for a chilly night run. I was let off without any problem by authorities, but only after being cuffed and detained temporarily. I still love my Saucony Drylete Balaclava even after this experience, but I avoid wearing it during the night time. A must buy for northerners!
From: William. January 28th 2016