Sof Sole Athlete Women's Insoles

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Sof Sole Athlete Insole Wms 5.0-7.5
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  • Insoles Womens Sizes Unique: Sof Sole Athlete Insole Wms 5.0-7.5
Sof Sole Athlete Insole Wms 8.0-11.0
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  • Insoles Womens Sizes Unique: Sof Sole Athlete Insole Wms 8.0-11.0


Model Number: 1300X

The Sof Sole Athlete Women's Insole provides full-length IMPLUS XP cushion for extra comfort, making this an ideal medium-thin replacement insole for running and high impact activities.


  • Women's sizes: 5.0 - 11.0


  • Pair of insoles
  • Ideal for running and other high-impact activities
  • Heel-to-toe IMPLUS XP offers great shock absorption
  • Extra IMPLUS XP is provided in the heel and forefoot for added protection
  • Hydrologix fabric transports moisture away from the foot
  • Medium arch height

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If it wasn't for this insole, I would not be able to walk, let alone run. After spending thousands on insoles and orthotics, and 7 years searching after an initial foot injury, I have finally found the perfect insole. I have metatarsalgia and Morton's neuroma, which have been debilitating. In addition to finding an insole that would cushion the balls of my feet, my foot cannot handle insoles with support (plastic) in the arches, etc. These have just enough support with none of that and cushions the metatarsals and cradles the neuroma. I just hope the manufacturer never discontinues these.
From: Casey, Orange County, CA, USA. May 7th 2014