Superfeet Carbon Insoles

Superfeet Carbon Insoles

Price: $55.00
Superfeet Carbon Insoles Womens 6.5-8.0
In Stock: 2
  • Insoles Sizes: Superfeet Carbon Insoles Womens 6.5-8.0
Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 8.5-10/M 7.5-9.0
In Stock: 03/13
  • Insoles Sizes: Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 8.5-10/M 7.5-9.0
Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 10.5-12/M 9.5-11.0
In Stock: 6
  • Insoles Sizes: Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 10.5-12/M 9.5-11.0
Superfeet Carbon Insoles Men's 11.5-13.0
In Stock: 3
  • Insoles Sizes: Superfeet Carbon Insoles Men's 11.5-13.0


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Model Number: 32000

Superfeet Carbon insoles are thin, light, and structured insoles. They are designed with a carbon fiber-reinforced cap to provide strength and durability without bulk. Best for slim, tighter-fitting athletic footwear, these insoles are an excellent choice for runners who need high performance support.


  • Women's: 6.5-12.0
  • Men's: 7.5-13.0


  • Pair of insoles
  • Thin, carbon fiber cap, reinforced with EVOLyte™ for structure and support without a high volume
  • Low-profiled shape to stabilize and support the foot, reducing stress on joints
  • Patented heel cup cradles your fat pad for natural shock absorption
  • Antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odor
  • Perforations under midfoot and forefoot to reduce weight and provide optimal breathability
  • Beveled foam edge to improve fit in tight-fitting footwear
  • Trim to fit for improved fit

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've been wearing Superfeet Carbons in my running shoes for about six months, after about seven years of wearing the SF green insoles. I really like the light weight and low volume of the SF Carbon, and the support is even better than the green. I have two pair of SF Carbon and have a combined total of about 900 miles on them and they are holding up well. The only downside -- and it's potentially important -- is that the Carbon insoles are tearing up the insides of some of my lighter weight running shoes. On my Asics DS Racer 10 and Asics DS Trainer 20 the hard plastic/carbon part of the insole is cutting into the shoe upper at the arch, all around the back of the heel, and also in the footbed. It seems the carbon/plastic is just too sharp-edged for the relatively minimal material on these lightweight shoes. I don't seem to have this problem at all on my heavier Asics GT-2000 trainers. If, as I fear, the SF Carbon are going to cause the premature death of my DS Racers and DS Trainers, then I'll have to go back to the SF Green insoles. Which is too bad.
From: Anonymous. August 26th 2015

Comments: Got the carbon model due to a need for more toe room in my waverider18( a great shoe).At first it seems very hard without much cushioning but after a few uses that sensation lessened. Despite the hard feel I finished each run, all about one hour, without any stiffness or painful niggles( I am 62). Great support and foot correction with every stride along mainly bitumen and or pavement. I run without knowing they are in the shoe but they are and they work! The supplier said they may last up to 800miles( about 1.5 pairs of runners). Use to run in a motion control shoe but with Superfeet carbon I only need a good solid neutral runner. I am now a devotee of Superfeet. But you need to make sure you get the correct one for you.
From: Tony, Melbourne, Australia. April 13th 2015