Superfeet Carbon Insoles

Price: $50.00
Superfeet Carbon Insoles Womens 6.5-8.0
In Stock: 4
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 7.0-8.5
Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 8.5-10/M 7.5-9.0
In Stock: 3
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 9.0-10.5, Men's 7.0-8.5
Superfeet Carbon Insoles W 10.5-12/M 9.5-11.0
In Stock: 5
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 9.0-10.5
Superfeet Carbon Insoles Men's 11.5-13.0
In Stock: 6+
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 11.0-12.5


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Model Number: 32000

Superfeet Carbon insoles are thin, light, and structured insoles. They are designed with a carbon fiber-reinforced cap to provide strength and durability without bulk. Best for slim, tighter-fitting athletic footwear, these insoles are an excellent choice for runners who need high performance support.


  • Women's: 6.5-12.0
  • Men's: 7.5-13.0


  • Pair of insoles
  • Thin, carbon fiber cap, reinforced with EVOLyte™ for structure and support without a high volume
  • Low-profiled shape to stabilize and support the foot, reducing stress on joints
  • Patented heel cup cradles your fat pad for natural shock absorption
  • Antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odor
  • Perforations under midfoot and forefoot to reduce weight and provide optimal breathability
  • Beveled foam edge to improve fit in tight-fitting footwear
  • Trim to fit for improved fit

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