currexSole RUNPRO LOW Profile Insoles

Price: $50.00
currex RP LowProfile SM Wms 6-7.5
In Stock: 2
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 7.0-8.5
currex RP LowProfile MD W 8-9.5/M 6.5-8
In Stock: 12/08
  • Insoles Sizes: Wms 9.0-10.5, Men's 7.0-8.5
currex RP LowProfile LG W 10-11.5/M 8.5-10
In Stock: 12/08
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 9.0-10.5
currex RP LowProfile XL Mns 10.5-12
In Stock: 4
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 11.0-12.5
currex RP LowProfile XXL Mns 12.5-14
In Stock: 3
  • Insoles Sizes: Men's 13.0-14.0


Model Number: 513-

The currexSole RUNPRO LOW Profile Insole is a great choice for runners with low-profiled arches looking to add structure and stability to their favorite pair of shoes, without sacrificing comfort. The decoupled heel is designed to reduce the velocity of pronation, while strategically placed rebound pads in the forefoot are designed for optimal propulsion. For support, a reinforced nylon stability plate adds structure to reduce foot and arch fatigue while a triple-layer moisture management system helps to absorb moisture and prevent blisters. This insole has a zero offset design, so it will not compromise your shoe's geometry.


  • SM (Women's 6-7.5) - 1.2 oz
  • MD (Women's 8-9.5/Men's 6.5-8) - 1.4 oz
  • LG (Women's 10-11.5/Men's 8.5-10) - 1.5 oz
  • XL (Men's 10.5-12) - 1.7 oz
  • XXL (Men's 12.5-14) - 1.9 oz


  • Pair of insoles
  • Appropriate for low arches and overpronators
  • Trim-to-fit for a customized fit and feel
  • Provides optimal orthopedic support by reducing strain on the foot
  • Moisture management properties to help reduce odor and blisters
  • Zero offset design does not affect a shoe's stock geometry

Comments: These are some of the best insoles I've tried for flat-footed runners, although I am not sure I would use them on a daily basis. I have flat feet and run with the sock liners that come in the shoes I run in, which are Newtons. What I like about these insoles is that they are designed not to affect the original geometry of the shoe, and also that the arch support does not begin from the heal of the insole. The one drawback that I find is the padding in front of the arch support, towards the front of the insole. I find the padding distracting and am not sure how comfortable it would be after running with them for a few miles. These insoles might feel more natural in running shoes that do not have lugs up front like Newtons.
From: Bryan, Lavaca, TX, USA. June 25th 2014

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