Career: Online Customer Service

Online Customer Service

Job Description

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible for providing excellent customer service, both through written and verbal communication. This includes representing Running Warehouse through outstanding communication, a sense of urgency, and effective problem solving abilities.

Job Requirements

Consistent, excellent written correspondence is essential. The ability to manage assigned work and prioritize by level of urgency is required. A commitment to exemplary customer service, and a thorough understanding of software, systems, business procedures, and problem solving is necessary for success. A strong foundation of product knowledge is expected in order to provide the customer with a running specialty shopping experience (training provided).

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

Provide first-rate customer service via the phone.

  • Answer calls in timely manner, giving undivided attention to the customer.
  • Offer assistance and help the customer with inquiries and solutions.
  • Speak clearly with good diction and appropriate word choice.
  • Display empathy, courtesy and active listening.

Develop and display an expert level of product and sport knowledge.

  • Use website and other resources to assist customers in product selection.
  • Balance phone customer service duties with personal knowledge development during shifts.
  • Proactively identify and strengthen areas in which knowledge needs development.

Understand and utilize software and systems as necessary for the position.

  • Effectively manage orders with prescribed procedures and systems.
  • Communicate inventory statuses accurately and articulate them with ease and clarity.
  • Independently offer accurate solutions and alternatives in special situations per normal business procedures.

Potential Responsibilities and Duties

Effectively communicate through email correspondence.

  • Compose and send replies to the customer in a timely manner.
  • Effectively use a professional tone, and proper grammar, punctuation and spelling to offer clear and effective solutions and recommendations.
  • Utilize all writing resources efficiently.

Provide excellent customer service through live chat.

  • Compose and send responses quickly and accurately.
  • Effectively use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling to offer clear and effective solutions and recommendations.
  • Employ a friendly tone that balances professionalism with an appropriate level of familiarity for live chat.
  • Provide the customer with personalized information and recommendations, providing links to our website whenever possible, and as appropriate.