Career: Retail Customer Service

Retail Customer Service

Job Description

The Retail Customer Service Representative is responsible for fulfilling customer's needs in a friendly, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable manner. Additional responsibilities include stocking, merchandising, cleaning, participating in training clinics, and being up-to-date with product knowledge.

Job Requirements

High-level verbal communication skills are essential. The ability to present one's self and knowledge in a positive manner is a key to success. Must be capable of following direction, working in a team environment, and adapting to a slow or fast paced environment. The ability to learn and work with computer software is required.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

Customer Service

  • Offer outstanding customer service
  • Greet customers, assess needs, and offer guidance
  • Meet customer needs and exceed their expectations
  • Be flexible during busy times by assisting more than one customer and helping fellow co-workers

Retail Appearance

  • Keep a clean and organized retail area
  • Assist with restocking procedures
  • Assist with any support tasks
  • Tag and price inventory accurately

Product Knowledge

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of all products displayed in retail
  • Understand resources available to locate answers to product questions
  • Attend product training sessions with the Product Coordinator
  • Pursue product enrichment by using various resources


  • Communicate concerns and needs with the Retail Supervisor or the Retail Manager
  • Use language that represents Running Warehouse positively
  • Speak clearly and use language that customers will understand

Morale and Attitude

  • Display emotional stability and consistency regardless of situations faced
  • Demonstrate professionalism with customers and co-workers

Potential Responsibilities and Duties


  • Encourage retail team to maintain high level of productivity
  • Assist with employee and customer questions
  • Ensure customers are helped in a timely manner
  • Coordinate completion of daily tasks
  • Assist with the alternation of lunches/breaks
  • Ensure the retail drawer balances accurately and maintains necessary change

Employee Performance

  • Assist employees with questions and offer solutions in a manner that fosters learning
  • Provide feedback to Retail Supervisor/Manger regarding employee performance


  • Ensure the retail drawer balances accurately and maintains necessary change
  • Monitor retail employees, keep them on task, and uphold a high level of productivity
  • Ensure customers are served in a timely manner
  • Work with manager to prioritize the needs of the day.
  • Delegate daily tasks
  • Assist with lunch/break coordination with daily events and workflows
  • Identify and address poor performance as well as exemplary performance in a timely manner