110% Ice Sheet Replacement Packs 4 Sheets

110% Ice Sheet Replacement Packs 4 Sheets

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110% Ice Sheet Replacement Packs 4 Sheets Black
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  • Accessory Color: Black
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Model Number: UTA1000

The 110% Ice Sheet Replacement Pack offers another 4 Ice Sheets that fit all 110% compression products, to help you recover well and keep up with the demands of your training schedule. Keep them around in a freezer whenever you recover after workouts, whether relaxing at home or sitting at work.

Compatible 110% Products:


  • Thermafreeze technology to aid in recovery and reduction of lactic acid, can be frozen or heated (designed to stay cold for up to 2 hours)
  • Easiest to insert ice sheets when garment is on
  • Instructions: Run cloth side of ice sheets under warm water for 30 seconds or until 1/2" thick.  Wipe dry and place in freezer cloth side up.

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