110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single

110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single

Price: $52.50 MSRP: $55.00
110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single SM Black
In Stock: 1
  • Accessory Color: Black
  • Accessory Size: SM
110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single MD Black
In Stock: 2
  • Accessory Color: Black
  • Accessory Size: MD
110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single LG Black
In Stock: 03/13
  • Accessory Color: Black
  • Accessory Size: LG
110% Blitz Knee Sleeve Single XL Black
In Stock: 03/13
  • Accessory Color: Black
  • Accessory Size: XL


Model Number: KNEE

All runners know that healthy knees are valuable to performance and health, yet our knees take a pounding! Equip yourself with the brilliant, dual-therapy 110% Blitz Knee Sleeve. This seamless garment combines graduated compression for the run and adds Thermofreeze cold therapy to further enhance recovery.

*Add extra Ice Sheets: 110% Ice Sheet Replacement 4-Pack


  • Black


  • Single knee sleeve
  • Two therapies in one garment: compressive sleeves with external pocket for ice/heat therapy insertion
  • EC3D gradient compression for enhanced circulation, muscle stability, and reduced muscle fatigue
  • Zoned compression utilizing tubular, seamless construction with ergonomic fit and support
  • Thermafreeze technology to aid in recovery and reduction of lactic acid, can be frozen or heated (designed to stay cold for up to 2 hours)
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material
  • Thermal bag (included) to bring cold therapy with you on the move (designed to keep ice sheets cold for up to 6 hours)
  • Easiest to insert ice sheets when garment is on
  • Instructions: Run cloth side of ice sheets under warm water for 30 seconds or until 1/2" thick.  Wipe dry and place in freezer cloth side up.

Sizes and Fabric

SIZE 2: SM 3: MD 4: LG 5: XL
< 10" 10 - 13" 13 - 16" 16 - 18.5"

*Measure in inches around leg, just above knee cap

  • 70% Polypropolene: a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry
  • Individually silver-treated fibers to eliminate 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I tried the sleeve on my left knee. It is just OK at best. The icing is a nice touch, but the same thing can be accomplished with an ace bandage an ice pack for about $45 less. I measured as instructed and ordered. It was way too tight. Got the next size up (XL). It is also very tight on the thigh. Neither would stay where I put them. I would have to pull up every 1/4mi or just forget it. I am 5'10" and weigh 182 lbs, so I must have abnormally big thighs or these are made for very small people.
From: Dempsy, Pantego, NC, USA. June 4th 2014

Comments: This knee compression is very easy to use and the icing feature is great. Well worth the purchase. Compression and ice... nothing better.
From: Eddie, North, NH, USA

Comments: I wasn't really sure if this would help with my IT Band issue, but I was desperate with an up and coming 1/2 marathon so I gave it a try.  Surprisingly, no outside knee pain--not at mile 3, 5--nothing.  This knee sleeve worked like a charm--I even set a PR. The sleeve stayed in place throughout the race and at the end I was able to add the ice which stayed frozen.  I would highly recommend this sleeve.  It does exactly what it says it will do.
From: Debi, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Comments: This is a really nice item to ice your knee because who has time to sit and balance an icepack on your knee?  It makes it very easy to walk around and do things while icing your knee.  I recommend it!
From: Roxanne, MN, USA