Amphipod StretchBright Reflect Band LED Grey

Amphipod StretchBright Reflect Band LED Grey

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Model Number: 489

The Amphipod Stretch-Bright Reflective Band LED features 2 ultra bright red LED's with a reflective stretch band that's easy to put on for added safety when running in low-light conditions.


  • Silver/Black


  • Very bright red dual bulb display
  • Three modes: continuous, dual flash, and alternating flash
  • Battery included and is easily replaced (CR2032 style battery)
  • End-to-end high brilliance reflective silver
  • Stretch-fit design for comfortable fit and stay-put placement
  • Easy grasp quick release design with hook/loop closure
  • Comfortable soft backing
  • Adjusts to fit a full range of sizes
  • Light dimensions: 2"L x 1.5"W x 1"D

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  The light is pretty good. The band, though, is terrible. It's too big to wear around my wrist. It doesn't work on the upper arm because you have to wear it like a tourniquet so that it doesn't wriggle around--on long runs it cuts off the circulation to your arm. So the band has been pretty useless. I just clip the light to my wristwatch.
From: Omari, Washington DC, USA