Amphipod Hydraform Pocket Handheld Push-Pull Cap 20 oz

Amphipod Hydraform Pocket Handheld Push-Pull Cap 20 oz

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Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket 20oz Black
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  • Color: Black
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Model Number: 385

The Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket Bottle 20 oz features a comfortable, ergonomic 20 ounce bottle in a bounce-free performance holster with expandable storage pouch for energy gels, keys or small accessories.

*Try with add-on Jett Cap for high-flow rate that's always open.


  • Black
  • Hi-Viz



  • 20 oz low-profile Hydroform bottle with wide mouth opening
  • Built-in pocket for carbohydrate gels, money, keys, etc. (6" x 2" x 1")
  • Ultra-comfortable minimalist strap design won't trap sweat
  • Ergonomic configuration allows hand to relax to a natural position and eliminates hand cramping and tension
  • Strap features breathable AirFlow mesh outer and wicking soft inner
  • Durable and stretch-free bottle harness
  • Adjustable custom fit with no-slip quick hand release
  • Bottle Content: polyethylene, recycling symbol #4 (BPA-Free)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I used this during a 100 km rogaine (navigation race). If I didn't like it I was going to leave it behind after the first 3 hour leg. However, I ended up carrying it the full 16 hours - it was great!
From: Frank, Albany, NY, USA. June 7th 2014

Comments: I got the Amphipod to replace a belt hydration system that I found extremely uncomfortable. The Amphipod is great - after a few miles I did not notice it at all. Easy to adjust, easy to take a sip out of. The pocket is fine for emergency info or maybe gels, but not as easy to access as I would like. Minor complaint though. In all, a superb product.
From: Dave, Charlottesville, Virginia, US

Comments: Used for first time on a 7.5mi run at a local park's paved trail.  I'm 6'2", 220lbs and I sweat (weighed in 2.3 lbs lighter after this morning run - filled and emptied 3 times between me and my 5'4" 130lb wife)

It was comfortable on either hand. No "gripping" required I carried license, credit card, insurance ID and 2 carb boom gels in the pouch.  After taking a gel, a quick tug on the strap end tightened back up.  I was first worried about the top plastic strap ring cutting into the web of my thumb, but, once on the run it was great.  It only felt slightly awkward once it was empty.

The strap removes easily with the top unscrewed.  The nipple opens easily.  Some complain about having to slap it closed with the other hand. I don't see how that's a problem as every time I try to close any nozzle like this with with my mouth, I pinch my lips or tongue.

Great product, great price, and before I do my first 13.1 in Feb. I'll buy another.  Maybe even a couple 12oz'ers for my wife.
From: Chad, Red Oak, TX, USA

Comments: Love this bottle!  This is my go to bottle for long runs and runs in the heat and humidity.  Fits comfortably in your hand.  You can easily slide the key pouch off from the bottom and lift the ring around the top to just clean the bottle.  Big spout is great for ice cubes.
From: Tyler, Banks, NC, USA

Comments: Some key positives about this bottle: 1)Wide hand strap -- didn't have any issues with feeling like the bottle would slip off my hand.  2)Adjustable strap -- I have large hands, and you can loosen the strap without risking the entire strap assemblage falling off the bottle.  3) Gripless comfort -- no need to grip the bottle if you don't want to, as the strap plus your natural hand position secures the bottle well.  4)Lightweight -- bottle and pouch weigh very little, a full 20oz of fluid weighs a little over a pound, and on the average the bottle will be about half-full at 10oz = approx. half a pound. 

For what it's worth, I only use these on slower recovery or long runs (for me, easy 9-minute miles).  Finally, I didn't have any issues with nozzle tightness (for me it was just tight enough to provide a good seal and also still be fairly easily open-able), but the olive oil solution mentioned by another reviewer would probably have cleared that up if needed.
From: Thomas, Davis, CA, USA

Comments: I recently purchased two of the handheld pocket bottles for a 50K trail race. They were great and very comfortable for a competitive running pace. The pouch expands to hold 3 gels(4 snugly). Since the spout was a little tight, I treated them with a little olive oil and worked the spout up and down to lubricate. After letting it sit for 5-10 mins, and washing the oil off the lid, it seemed better. I had no problems during the race. Removing the pouch and top ring is easy and is a convenient but effective design. I highly recommend the amphipod after giving  Nathan and Camelback handhelds a try. It was nice to be able to order from Running Warehouse with free shipping and return shipping. 2 day air!
From: Mary K, Hollidaysburg, PA USA

Comments: I run marathons on a weekly mileage of 25 to 50+ miles. I've been using Amphipod Handheld for longer training runs (15-20 miles), and generally like the design. Wide mouth is convenient to fill, and I could easily use ice cubes in the summer. The strap and the bottle fit well and allow my hand to stay relaxed, while the pouch is handy for small items like IDs, keys, gels etc. Issues: The spout is made of hard plastic and is extremely tight compared to other sports bottles I used. I have to use my teeth to pull it out, and then whack it with my free hand to close.  This is inconvenient on the run. It is difficult or impossible to remove the plastic ring that goes around the top of the bottle when you need to wash the strap/pouch. As a result, I have never used a washing machine when the pouch and strap get sweaty.
From: Peter, Toronto, CA