Amphipod Jett Cap Large 20 oz

Amphipod Jett Cap Large 20 oz

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Model Number: 397

The Amphipod Jett Cap features a one-way valve that's always open and offers a high flow rate with a gentle squeeze, but doesn't leak while pushing the pace. The Large Jett Cap fits all 20 oz Amphipod bottles, including Hydraform 20 Handhelds, Profile-Lite 20, and Full-Tilt Belts.


  • Jett Cap with one-way valve is always open but does not leak
  • Delivers high-flow rate of liquid with little effort
  • Compatible with all Amphipod 20 bottles, including Hydraform 20 & Handhelds, Profile-Lite, and Full-Tilt Belts

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This gets my Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Award! So much easier to use and clean than the original cap that came with my big was getting to be a real pain in the butt to use: kept getting stuck, wouldn't open or close completely, needed a hard smack to make it not drip/spray while running, etc. This Jett Cap's ease of use is worth every penny, especially since I use it so often.
From: Eddie, Somerville, MA, USA. January 6th 2015