Amphipod Full Viz Flash Clip-On Strobe LED Green

Amphipod Full Viz Flash Clip-On Strobe LED Green

Price: $9.95


In Stock: 6+

Model Number: 491

The Amphipod Full-Vis Flash Tri Mode Clip-On LED features 2 ultra-bright red LED's and 3 settings and a handy clip that slips onto just about any belt or strap.


  • Very bright red dual bulb display
  • Three modes: continuous, dual flash, and alternating flash
  • Battery included and is easily replaced (CR2032 style battery)
  • Dimensions: 2"L x 1.5"W x 1"D

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Hate it... for all of the above reasons/complaints, plus the fact that after only one running session, the light pooped out. I don't even think this is worth buying extra batteries for :(
From: Anonymous. May 4th 2016

Comments: The light and modes on this light are really great for being seen. Weight is good too. The button works fine for me and I can get the diffuser off easily to access the battery. My only complaint is the clip. I just don't see how the stiff, brittle plastic can hold up to several cycles of being clipped to something then taken off. I'd welcome the insignificant weight gained by using a spring clip instead.
From: Sky, HVL, CA

Comments: I have several of these and have not had the problems Darrell and Ward have had.  The on/off button works fine on all of mine and although the clip is tight, it slides over the back strap of my hat and over my shoe laces. Love mine!
From: Sherry, Marvin, NC, USA

Comments: It may be a best seller, but it is cheaply made. The on/off button on mine is so recessed you can't operate it with your finger, but instead must hunt up a pen or pencil to push it. This week, after 6 months or so, I think the button is finally completely kaput. I'm not sure the "easily replaced" battery is that easy to get to either. There's probably some non-obvious way to open the thing, but it isn't easy. And yes, as Darrell says, the clip is too short and too inflexible.
From: Ward, Felton, CA, USA

Comments:The light is nice, however, the clip is terrible. It is very short and simply too inflexible. I finally had to resort to prying the clip up with a screwdriver so I could slip it over the vest I was attaching it too.
From: Darrell, Sinking Spring, PA, USA