Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED One Size Yellow

Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED One Size Yellow

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Model Number: 446

Featuring both front and rear ultra-bright flashing red LED's, make sure you can be seen with the Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED. Made for the minimalist, this lightweight, fully-adjustable accessory covers you 360 degrees with Hi-Viz Green and reflective silver accents for increased safety in low-light conditions.


  • Hi-Viz Green


  • Bright front and rear flashing red LED's; simple push on/off button design
  • Reflective silver strips provides 360 degree reflectivity
  • Up to 100% more reflective area than most standard running reflective vests
  • Chafe-free, breathable soft stretch construction for superior range of motion and ease of movement
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps for custom fit
  • Lightweight quick-clip release for easy on/off
  • Energy efficient LED's extend battery life
  • User replaceable CR2032 watch-type batteries


  • One Size Fits Most: Adjustable for waist and height (XS-XL)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've owned this item now for over a year and I'm still extremely satisfied with this. I've used this in countless miles during my runs and I know it keeps me very visible to oncoming vehicles and even cars behind me. You cannot go wrong with this item!
From: Richie, AL, USA. January 19th 2015

Comments: Since most of my running is done before 6am, this has been my best investment for safety. From the reflective strips to the front and back bright blinking LEDs, this has been an awesome vest. It's adjustable and I think it could practically fit any body size. I've now owned this for 1 year and have used it for countless hours and has still held up. I recommend this vest before any other for the used of the LEDs and the reflective strips.
From: Richie, AL, USA. October 17th 2014

Comments: I love this Xinglet Flash LED vest by Amphipod. It is the product besides the headlamp that makes me feel the safest. I own two different Xinglets. I have used the regular Xinglet without lights as well as this one. They both feel very comfortable and I can't really tell that this one is heavier. I like having the lights because reflectivity sometimes isn't enough. The lights have only one setting it blinks rapidly in red. Battery changing is really easy too - the black material behind the lights lifts up and a watch battery slides in and out. I did have a slight problem after I experimented with taking out the battery where one of the lights slipped out of it's usual location, but it was easily fixed by straightening out the backing. There are two sets of lights front and back and thus there are two watch batteries. So far I've taken this out on 5 night time runs - no problems so far with battery life. It breathes extremely well because the center part of the vest doesn't hug completely against the body - it does leave a venting gap on the sides. It is super easy to get on and off. If I were limited to two night time illumination items for running I'd get this product plus a headlamp. That's just my thoughts. I do think that a headlamp or this xinglet vest product by itself is inadequate for safe night-time running - you will need both for safety. The headlamp to make sure you don't step on a rock or tree branch, and this vest so that cars can see you from behind, side, or front.
From: Calvin Lee, Modesto, CA, USA