Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light

Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light

Price: $14.95
Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap One Size Light Green
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  • Color: Light Green
  • Size: One Size


Model Number: 490

The lightweight and simple Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light makes your favorite running hat or visor ready for the dark with 2 bright white LEDs to increase your presence for drivers on the road. Clip it onto the front bill and click the button on top for flashing strobe mode or a constant beam of bright white light.


  • Green


  • Ultra-bright white LEDs increase safety to on-coming traffic in low-light conditions
  • Dual mode LEDs: flashing strobe or constant beam
  • Clips easily on and off the bill of your favorite hat or visor
  • Simple single-click button and grip rubber housing turns LEDs on and off
  • User replaceable coin-style battery

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Junk. Mine stopped working after a couple of weeks, too.
From: Anonymous. March 10th 2015

Comments: I don't recommend. It worked for two weeks and then it stopped.I should have just bought a headlamp which I have to now. I got took.
From: Pete, Saginaw, MI, USA. May 4th 2014

Comments: This light is so tiny that I was startled when I switched it on and it was bright!! Super lightweight when clipped to my visor and very easy to see in the dark. I didn't use the strobe function because I don't like a light on my head to be pulsing.
From: Smitha, Atlanta, GA

Comments: This is a great light for being seen, not so much for seeing if you really need light thrown out in front of you. The strobe function is useless for a hat brim light unless you're trying to give yourself a seizure. However, I've put this on my shoes where it works great. The clip itself won't secure it so I've threaded the laces through it. I expect high quality products from Amphipod and unlike the Full Vis Flash clip-on from them, this meets my expectations.
From: Sky, HVL, CA

Comments: Small in size but incredibly bright for those night runs.
From: Andrew, Des Moines, Iowa