Amphipod SnapGel 4 oz Module Green

Amphipod SnapGel 4 oz Module Green

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Model Number: 844

The Amphipod SnapGel 4 oz Module is the perfect way to add quick-access fuel anywhere on your Amphipod belt. Fill the flask with your favorite energy gel, or fill with water to douse yourself in warm weather. Slide the docking base on your belt and position the flask upside-down, vertical or horizontal to meet your needs.

*Try with add-on Jett Caps for high-flow rate that's always open.


  • Included 4 oz wide-mouth flask
  • Included holster/dock with AirFlow mesh back
  • SnapFlask™ bottle module allows easy, one-handed flask removal and replacement
  • Flask may be positioned upside-down, vertically or horizontally anywhere on belt
  • Module can be added or subtracted from belt based on your daily needs
  • Attaches to any 1.5"-2" belt
  • Works on all Amphipod RunLite, Full-Tilt, or Profile belts
  • Flask Content: polyethylene, recycling symbol #4 (BPA-Free)

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