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CEP Men's Progressive+ Compression Calf Sleeves combines all the advantages of performance-enhancing compression while offering the additional flexibility of wearing your favorite sock.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • White


  • Pair of compression sleeves
  • Benefit from graduated compression while being able to wear your favorite sock
  • Performance-enhancing compression for improved oxygen supply to the calf muscles
  • Faster resorption of lactic acid
  • Better performance and accelerated regeneration
  • Support fit stabilizes and minimizes muscle vibration
  • Anatomical fit for wrinkle-free wear
  • Breathable material
  • Antimicrobial function and long-lasting freshness thanks to silver ions

Sizes and Fabric

Calf* 12.5 - 15.0" 15.5 - 17.5" 18.0 - 20.0"

*Measure in inches around fullest part of calf
**If between sizes, we recommend sizing down

  • 79% Polyamide / 21% Spandex

Customer Reviews

Comments: I love these, I had a lot of shin pain after runs longer than 5 miles. Not any more. I liked these so much that I just purchased the more expensive sock. I think its important to get the correct calf measurement so you get the right size.
From: Jerry, Riverside, CA, USA

Comments: I just ran my first marathon ever (50k trail) in these. I always had problems with calf strain at the end of longer trail runs and was worried about cramping with the vertical climbs, but did not even feel a burn with these things on. Awesome product, i'm converted.
From: Daivid, Birmingham, AL, USA

Comments: Ran 15 miles in them for my long run & after for recovery & my achilles & calves felt great. Plan on using these for all my long runs.   
From: Steve, OR, USA

Comments: I wore these about 5 times before they ‘got a run’ in them while putting them on.  Never did see much of a benefit, but perhaps I didn’t run far enough or maybe I just am ‘leg deaf’.  Stopped wearing them after they got a run, just can’t bring myself to wear them like that.  If you are a man, you may want to go with a more ‘substantial' sleeve.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I've found compression sleeves to be somewhat helpful for recovery after quality runs. The CEP sleeves are much more comfortable than the Zensah sleeves for me and feel like they'd also be more comfortable if worn while running if that's your thing.
From: Sky, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Comments: A 2:40 masters marathoner suggested I get these instead of the CEP socks that way you can wear your favorite socks.  Happy with the sleeves. I feel they add a little extra support but are best for wearing after a 20+ mile run or marathon.  As a recovery tool they are helping me as I am wearing these under long pants 2 days after a marathon.  Slight pain to put on even a little worse to take off. Bottom line - not a miracle - doesn't feel like they make me faster - but they are worth the money especially for recovery.
From: Dan, Erie, PA, USA

Comments: Just got back from a 20 mile run using these for the first time - I usually get some strain in the calves on longer runs but not today.  These things are awesome, my legs don't feel tired and I finished strong with my legs feeling pretty fresh.  I might look like a nerd but my legs feel great - I'm sold.
From: Andy, Los Alamos, NM USA